Almost everything else in your house is now a smart device, so why not your coffee maker? The Behmor Brewer is a Smart Coffee Maker that makes your favorite 12-cup brew of coffee while at the same time connecting to Alexa via WiFi.

On the outside, the Brewer looks much like any other kitchen coffee maker, but with a sleek, slightly minimalist look we can get behind. When they were designing it, they set out to eliminate all the biggest problems that cheaper coffee makers often create – overheated water, underheated water, over-extraction or under-extraction, burnt coffee.  They did this by creating a new design – the water is heated directly above the coffee, so as to immediately saturate the grinds without losing heat; most coffee makers heat the water in the reservoir then pump it into the grinds, losing steam, heat and moisture in the process. The waterflow is pulsed and the shower head much larger than most coffee makers, and there is even a pre-soak option. The thermal carafe ensures your freshly brewed coffee stays hot for longer, without burning.

But of course, the real reason you’re looking at it is the WiFi capability; by connecting the Behmor Brewer to Wifi and then downloading the app, you can control the temperature and brew remotely; set the brew temp anywhere between 190-210 (ideal brewing temperature is between 195-205). But if you like yours hotter or colder, you get to pick; you can even calibrate it for more accurate brewing at elevation.  And since you can connect it to whatever Amazon Alexa-enabled devices you possess, you can easily

It’s not the fanciest coffee maker we’ve seen, but if you’re looking to get into the connected coffee scene without breaking the bank – it’s a good way to get your feet wet.


Behmor-Brewer-Coffee-1 Behmor-Brewer-Smart-Coffee-Maker Behmor-Brewer-Smart-Coffee-Maker-2 Behmor-Brewer-Smart-Coffee-Maker-3 Behmor-Brewer-Smart-Coffee-Maker-4