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You Need To Buy Your Beef From Kansas City Steak Company

Kansas City Steak Company 3-Month Membership

When it comes to beef, there’s no point in fooling around with the cheap stuff. Nothing but the best steaks will do on your grill or in your kitchen, and that’s why you need to start buying your beef from Kansas City Steak Company.

Why? First, Kansas City knows a thing or two about beef; it’s renowned for it’s BBQ and steaks, and if you want to learn how to make a steak like a true cowboy, there’s no better place. (Apologies to Texas and Memphis).

So, these folks don’t mess around when it comes to steak. Kansas City Steak Company started in 1932, and they’ve been sourcing, butchering and selling the finest USDA Prime beef for years. They are committed to taste and quality, and it shows in their beef.

To get started, get yourself a 3-month Kansas City Steak Favorites Membership. For $265, you get a shipment of several pounds of beautiful, fresh beef delivered to your door, ready to grill or sear up for dinner, complete with a gourmet guide and recipes. A particular month’s shipment might include 6, 10-ounce Boneless Ribeyes, 4 (12oz) Kansas City Strips or even 4 (18oz) Porterhouse Steaks (Yes, please. Sign us up).

And like we said, this is prime stuff. Sign up for a membership, or just go ahead and order a whole box of Porterhouse or brisket, fire up the grill, and freshen up on how to grill a a perfect steak. Add some wine or whiskey for good measure. (It’s also the perfect gift for meat lovers).



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