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Becker KA-BAR BK-18 Harpoon Knife: Iconic Brand and Exquisite Design

Main features of Becker KA-BAR BK-18 Harpoon Knife:

  • 1095 Cro-Van stainless steel
  • Ultramid handle
  • Celcon ambidextrous sheath
  • 4.56 inches drop point blade
  • Grooved spine

As you probably know, KA-BAR knives stand at the top of the knife-making industry because of their iconic use in the military and NAVY. In 2008, Becker Knife & Tool Company partnered up with KA-BAR, and one of the products emerging from this collaboration is the sturdy Becker KA-BAR BK-18 Harpoon Knife.

This fixed blade knife comes with various features, making it a dream come true for campers, hunters, or weekend warriors. In other words, it will get the job done, no matter where the adventure takes you. Here’s why we say that.

Top-Quality Steel

The primary material used by Becker Knives for the BK-18 comes under the nickname 1095 Cro-Van. In essence, this type of stainless steel is perfect for knife making, thanks to two outstanding features: edge retention and sturdiness. The alloy contains elements that hold the edge for years, allowing you to use the knife for various activities and tasks.

Thanks to 1095 Cro-Van steel, BK-18’s sharpness is in a league of its own. Likewise, sharpening the knife is hassle-free, even though the steel is as tough as they get. The only downside of the Cro-Van version could be corrosion. To be precise, the lower amount of chromium decreases the rust resistance. However, regular maintenance will prevent this potential problem.

Super-Durable Handle

For the handle, Becker and KA-Bar opted for Ultramid, which gained popularity in the knife-making industry in the last couple of decades. After all, we are talking about a rigid, lightweight, and thermostable material with excellent abrasion resistance. Thus, it’s perfect for outdoor use where a secure grip is essential.

Therefore, Becker KA-BAR BK-18 Harpoon Knife will survive plenty of wear and tear. The Ultramid handle also comes with three screws, allowing you to disassemble the knife if needed.

Convenient and Flexible Sheath

Since they built it from a specific silicone material, the cool-looking sheath will protect the blade and keep your BK-18 ready at a moment’s notice. This type of thermoplastic boasts sturdiness and high flexibility when adequately heated.

Many gun holsters on the market feature the same material, and Becker only had eyes for the best option. As a result, you’ll get a resilient yet flexible sheath, including the possibility of switching the opening to suit left-handed or right-handed owners. Plus, a protective band will keep the handle in place at all times.

Is It Worth It?

Becker KA-BAR BK-18 Harpoon Knife might seem expensive compared to most fixed-blade models on the market, but quality always comes at a price. KA-BAR blades have been around for more than a century, and this iconic brand always strives towards excellence. The same goes for Becker, a company on the mission to create the best knives money can buy. Thus, the powerful BK-18 covers all bases for being a wise investment for anyone in need of a dependable blade.



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