The Beam Family has been crafting Jim Beam Bourbon in Kentucky for 7 generations – since 1795. Thus, it’s only right that Freddie Noe – the eighth generation of the Beam family – should embark on his own whiskey journey and release his own drink: Little Book.

Freddie Noe’s full name is Frederick Booker Noe IV, and was given his nickname of Little Book by grandfather and Jim Beam Master Distiller Booker Noe. Unlike his grandfather’s classic beverages, however, the line bearing Little Book’s name will be a blend, and not a bourbon. Each release – which will come out once a year – will be a different blend, packaged in the same classic bottle as his grandfather’s Bourbon, as well as uncut and unfiltered – the same way his grandfather prepared it.

The debut blend will be ‘The Easy,’ which consists of 13-year-old corn whiskey, rye whiskey and malt whiskey, each aged for five and half years, blended with a 4-year-old bourbon.  It’s out this October for about $79.99 a 750ml bottle. The flavor is predominately corn, with caramel and notes of the aged oak it spent 5 years in.  There’s some creaminess and nuts, spice from the rye, and it’s rounded out by the bourbon. And to top all that off, it’s a sturdy 128 proof – more than 64% alcohol. Inspired by the endless combinations and possibilities that blending whiskeys can create, Little Book took more than a year to create, with Freddie Noe trying and writing off over 25 different blends before deciding on what became The Easy. It’s supposed to be easy to drink no matter what – as the name implies -and it goes down well either neat or on the rocks.

Little Book looks like an exciting new blend for the whiskey fans to try out this Fall. Even if you’re more into bourbon than American blends, it’s worth checking out.

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