Kayaking isn’t just for those with trucks and SUV’s, anymore. Folding Kayak’s aren’t new, and we’ve already seen a few out there. Now anybody with a car can easily transport a kayak to and from the water.  But thanks to Oru’s new folding kayak, the Beach LT makes it easier than never before.

Oru is known for making fantastic folding kayaks, and their new Beach LT is the latest evolution in their quest to make the outdoors more accessible. Smaller, lighter and more portable than Oru’s larger models, the Beach LT I is 12 long, and folds down to a box about 33”x29”, weighing 26 lbs.

What really sets the Oru Beach LT apart from other folding kayaks is the attached backpack straps. Instead of lugging it around, you can now throw it on your back and carry it over much longer distances. Transporting it to and from the water is a breeze.  The Beach LT also has carry handles on the side, for even easier carrying.

Setup is incredibly easy, and only takes about 3 minutes to put together. At 28” wide, its cockpit entrance is big enough for everyone, and it has 140 liters of extra storage.

The Beach LT’s compact size is meant more for casual day-trips and adventures than full on kayak trips or rough waters. Still, it’s a fantastic bridge between quality, heavy-duty kayaks and portability, and kayakers with small cars – or no car at all – can now partake.


  • Easy assembly takes about 3 minutes.
  • Wide 28 in. beam helps stabilize the kayak, and make it safe for kayakers of all experience levels.
  • Large open cockpit makes getting in and out easy for kayakers of any size.
  • Folds to a small 33 x 29 x 12 in. package you can throw on your back.
  • Durable double-layer plastic material can be folded thousands of times. It’s made to be the easiest, longest-lasting kayak you can find.


BeachLT_3 BeachLT Folding Kayak BeachLT