That’s the question we’re all wondering – well over 6,700 of us, according to Kickstarter.  BauBax is already known for making what they call The World’s Best Travel Clothes, and this time they’re bringing us a pair of of Merino-Bamboo pants that have already raised over a million dollars on Kickstarter. And of course, they are calling them the World’s Best Travel Pants.

Hold on – not A PAIR of merino-bamboo travel pants. 8 different pairs, actually. The World’s Best Travel Pantscome in 4 styles for the men and 4 for the women. Chinos, joggers, or trouser leggings, slim or plain, there’s a style here for everybody. Which is great, because we love rocking in style.

How will the merino-bamboo material hold up?

The World’s Best Travel pants will actually be a blend of bamboo, poly and elastane on the inside and and merino, poly and elastane for the outer layer. BauBax claims that this very high-tech fabric blend offers 15 benefits. Paraphrased, they are: light weight, packability, water resistance, stain resistance, stretch, breathability, odor control, five functional pockets (like a pair of jeans), UPF 50+ sun protection, “Durable with Structure,” Super-Absorbency, Moisture-Wicking, body temperature regulation, quick drying and no itching.

We don’t have any problems with those by themselves – but we do have a few questions. First, why didn’t they didn’t put the insulating coziness of merino wool right against your skin to maximize comfort, and leave the rougher bamboo on the outside?

The answer, according to Bauxbax, is because bamboo is roughly 3x as absorbent as cotton. So putting it on the inside allows it to soak up all your sweat. That’s fair –  but wouldn’t merino be better at wicking moisture away, instead of holding the water from rain up against your skin as bamboo does?

It’s also interesting to note is how little of the blend is merino. It only accounts for 33% of the inner lining, while polyester accounts for almost twice that – roughly 63%.

This one ties into their claim about “Durable With Structure.” To quote, “Although natural fibers like Merino Wool and Bamboo are strong, they need a little help from Polyester to make sure your pant stays as good as new even if you wear them 365 days in a year.” In other words, the pants need to be primarily made f polyester because bamboo and merino can’t hold up to the rigors of daily use on their own.

So, we’ll take all these claims at face value and assume that these are pretty good pair of pants. The question begged after that is – are they actually the world’s best travel pants?

They certainly don’t look bad, but for the price, we’d probably opt for something a little more tested and proven, like the Proof Nomad pants.  Which are cheaper and in our opinion, much sharper looking. Or maybe even the security of the Pick-Pocket Proof Adventure Pants.  Maybe it’s the tight jogger style that isn’t doing it for us.

But apparently many people don’t agree with us; these pants have raised over $1 million on Kickstarter in less than a week. If you’d like to partake, you can head on over and grab a pair of these Merino-Bamboo pants for an Early Bird Special of $108.

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