Main features of the Barebones Living Railroad Lantern:

  • Max output: 200 lumens
  • Seeded glass and a 3.2W bulb
  • A rechargeable 4,400 mAh Li-Ion battery
  • USB-C charging port
  • Protective metal cage with copper accents
  • A sturdy carrying handle with a hanging hook
  • Union Pacific-inspired design

Did you know that railroad lanterns set the tone for modern traffic lights? Yes, railroad operators used red, blue, and green to signal each other and indicate danger, caution, or free pass. So, wouldn’t it be cool to own a piece of history and travel through time to the early 20th century?

The classic-looking Barebones Living Railroad Lantern might look like something found on a flea market, but this portable lamp is so much more. Here’s what it offers.


Founded by Robert Workman, a philanthropist entrepreneur, Barebones Living is a certified B corporation focused on long-term solutions that help the world and minimize environmental impact.

Barebones Living sets high craftsmanship and quality standards while keeping prices reasonable. For instance, Goal Zero is a similar brand launched by Robert Workman, illustrating his desire to help those in need and provide eco-friendly solutions for our day-to-day activities.

Besides lanterns and lights, Barebones offers high-quality blades, knives, fire pits, work gloves, utensils, and gathering bags.


You might think old-style lanterns belong in history books, but these handy units don’t give up easily. Of course, gas-powered models are almost extinct, replaced with high-tech solutions like the one from Barebones Living.

Yet, not all lanterns are the same, and buyers should consider the following elements before purchasing.


Lanterns and other outdoor light sources must work whether it rains or shines. In other words, they must be sturdy and resilient to handle wear and tear provoked by outdoor use. So, check if your new lantern features a solid body with high-quality materials.


Another essential aspect is the overall capacity because various lanterns have varying outputs. Thus, buyers should assess their needs and check how much space they want to illuminate. For example, the Railroad Lantern from Barebones Living has a light spectrum of 3,000K.


You’ll find many variations of lanterns in online and land-based shops, from electric and battery-powered to fuel-burning models. Some even use candles to provide a natural, soft glow. Therefore, consider these options and look for lanterns that suit your needs and preferences.


Finally, buyers should check the overall usability to find easy-to-use lanterns and lamps. More precisely, check the size and weight to buy a portable model suitable for camping or hunting. Likewise, see if the lantern has options to adjust the light and whether you can hang it in a tent or on a tree.


The Railroad Lantern’s name is self-explanatory. After all, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that this model mimics the iconic Union Pacific lanterns from a century ago. So, design-wise, Barebones Living went into the past for inspiration.

On the other hand, the technology implemented in this unit is a classic 21-century product, with rechargeable lithium-ion batteries and LED filaments.

Thus, Barebones Living Railroad Lantern is a mix of tradition and modernity, past and present, history and technology.


Even though it looks like a prop from Westworld or a similar show, the western-inspired Railroad Lantern is the real deal. Of course, Barebones opted for the traditional design to replicate the lanterns carried by Union Pacific workers.

Namely, this model weighs 1 pound 14 ounces and combines metal parts with glass components. Moreover, Barebones Living Railroad Lantern has a seeded glass globe that diffuses the LED light and mimics the old-style lighting.

Copper accents also boost the points for antique aesthetics, while the riveted nameplate illustrates craftsmanship and attention to detail. The rounded protective cage is sturdy and durable, while the dependable carrying handle features a soft, comfortable rubber.


We mentioned that the Railroad Lantern uses modern power sources instead of candles, petroleum, or gas. Notably, this product relies on 3.2-watt Edison-style bulbs to generate a 3,000K light spectrum (200 lumens).

Although this vintage-looking lantern delivers a warm glow intentionally, you can adjust the brightness by turning the switch on the front.

The lowest setting delivers only 35 lumens, making this lantern an ideal accessory for camping nights when you need something to attract mosquitoes. On the other hand, the highest output of 200 lumens will illuminate the entire camping ground and help you find any gear lost in the grass.


Of course, the adjustable output affects the run time. For example, Barebones claims that the rechargeable lithium-ion battery can power the lantern for 100+ hours on the lowest setting. To be precise, the battery’s capacity is 4400mAh.

Even if you leave the lantern on the High setting, you can still expect 3.5 hours of run time. Therefore, Barebones Living Railroad Lantern is among the best camping lanterns money can buy in 2022.

And that’s not all because this model also has a built-in charging system. In other words, the old-fashioned Railroad Lantern will double as a power bank if you need to charge your smartphone or earbuds. The covered USB-C port on the back is water-protected, and the lantern comes with an included charging cable.


Since it weighs less than two pounds, the well-designed Railroad Lantern from Barebones is easy to transport. We already said that the comfortable handle offers an easy-to-grasp carrying option. Underneath the handle is a sturdy hook, allowing you to attach the lantern and leave it swinging in the wind.

Another thing we liked about this model is pet-friendliness. Namely, your dog or cat will not cause a fire if they knock the lantern over in the middle of a dry-grass field, nor will the light source burn their tongues.


The vintage Barebones Living Railroad Lantern could be a perfect choice if you need a reliable and cool-looking light source for outdoor activity. It might come at a higher price than most models, but if you want the best LED-powered lantern for camping or summer parties—look no further than the good-old Railroad Lantern.