Checking your luggage can be a pain. You stand in a winding line, silently checking your phone and hoping you’ll make it to the counter in time to move on to the security line, so you can wait in line again hoping you’ll make it to your flight on time to board – without having to sprint across the terminal. Well, thanks to the new Bagtag, you can now skip that first line and cut your wait time in half.

The Bagtag is an electronic tag that will let you check in your luggage ahead of time, eliminating the need to stand in line. Just check it on your way to the airport, and your luggage info will display on the tag on the outside of your app. When you arrive at the airport, simply drop your luggage off at the belt without waiting in line and get on your way. Easy.

It never needs to recharge and makes tracking down your luggage easier should something happen to it. It’s encrypted to ensure no one can hack your luggage, and features a tough, impact-absorbing, weatherproof, lens to hold up to the abuse luggage always seems to go through.

As of now, the Bagtag only works on Lufthansa flights, and for passengers flying Austrian or SwissAir using the Lufthansa app. But, we’re sure it will soon be available for many other airlines.

Flying just got easier.

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