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This Backlit Bathroom Mirror Looks Sweet

Backlit Bathroom Mirror

Photo: LEVE

Whatever your morning routine – shaving, doing your hair, or just brushing your teeth – you need to see what you’re doing. Unfortunately, many bathrooms simply don’t have enough lighting – especially if you live in a mall apartment. With an LED backlit bathroom mirror like the LEVE, however, that will never be a problem again.

What makes this sleek, modern mirror so special? Well, first is that it doesn’t fog up; it uses a number of layers and anti-fog features to prevent from fogging up in the first place, and when you flip the built-in backlight on, it will automatically defog. That’s right – just step out of the bathroom and have a clean mirror!

Brightness is easily adjusted by sliding your finger across the touch button, and the LED lights are rated to last about 50,000 hours. We don’t think it’s meant to replace your bathroom lights entirely, but it will brighten a dim room a whole lot more. And you can even hardwire it into the room if there isn’t an outlet handy (or you need that outlet for your own accoutrements).

We think it looks great and should get the job done. We’d never pictured a backlit bathroom mirror before, to be honest, but after seeing pictures of this one…we’re starting to think it might just be what we’re missing. (And to be fair – this one is pretty reasonably priced).

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