We are asking ourselves concerning the age-old baby crib: “Why didn’t we think of this before?!” We have all done it–used the car to lull out baby into a heavenly sleep. For many parents, the late night car ride is a tried and true method of finally getting their stubborn newborn to go to sleep. Did you know research shows parents can typically expect little more than five hours sleep a night while losing the equivalent of 44 days sleep in just the first year of their child’s life?

Well, thanks to Ford Motor Company, those sleepless nights may soon be a thing of the past. Enter the Ford MAX Motor Dreams crib. The automaker recently unveiled the invention of Max Motor Dreams, a genius crib designed to emulate a soothing car ride for babies.

How does it work? By combining technology that records your car’s movements and sounds straight from your phone and later recreating the same calming sensation right at home. This includes LED lights that resemble streetlights, along with restrained engine noises and gentle tilt movements that put newborn babies fast asleep. “After many years of talking to mums and dads, we know that parents of newborns are often desperate for just one good night’s sleep. But while a quick drive in the family car can work wonders in getting baby off to sleep, the poor old parents still have to be awake and alert at the wheel,” said Max Motor Dreams designer Alejandro López Bravo, of Spanish creative studio Espada y Santa Cruz, which produced the award-winning design. “The Max Motor Dreams could make the everyday lives of a lot of people a little bit better.”

Unfortunately, the crib is a one-off test device you won’t be able to purchase just yet, but Ford is considering bringing it to stores sooner rather than later due to “numerous enquiries.” Be sure to watch the video above to see why this new crib is almost magical. This just may make you want more babies–well, maybe not.


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