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Awayco makes Renting Gear Easy – Wherever You Go

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For many of us, hitting up the slopes means taking a roadtrip or even grabbing a flight to reach our preferred ski destination – whether it’s a short hop away on a regional carrier, halfway across the country, or to another continent. Unfortunately, that means lugging around some oversized ski bags and duffels full of gear – which is a logistical pain in the neck, often prohibitively expensive, and way too much stuff to carry around, all at once. Instead of putting yourself through that, maybe just sign up for Awayco – the surf, ski, snowboard rental service that makes hitting up far-off slopes and exotic surf locales with all the best equipment easy.

It’s all done in an app or online – as everything is these days – where you can browse the massive selection of skis, snowboards, surfboards and assorted gear available from the local affiliate at your destination, reserve it, and then easily pick it up when you get there.

This setup offers a few benefits over traditional, in-person rentals. Mainly, it’s a lot easier and more convenient; you can browse and reserve gear ahead of time from the comfort of your own home, up to 6 months in advance. This way, you’re positive that the trip you planned months in advance will go off without a hitch; there’s not much worse than showing up to the rental shop and finding they just rented out the last pair of ski bindings that’ll fit your size 13 boots.

All your info is stored in the account, so there’s no need to do tedious paperwork when you get there. Just walk in and walk out with your preferred gear; your credit card is charged 48 hours in advance. They also have a premium selection than many ski rental shops might have, with brands like Rossignol, DynaFit and Salomon among others.

Awayco memberships come in both free and paid options; for $95 a year, the Prime membership gives you complete coverage in case you damage equipment, will have a 24-hour cancellation policy instead of 48 hours, and receive some cool discounts on rentals.

Currently, Awayco has ski rentals in Lake Tahoe, Truckee, Bend, Oregon, Missoula and Durango, Whistler and Revelstoke in Canada, and several locations in Europe and Japan. There are also surf rentals in a number of exotic locations (like Costa Rica and Portugal), and a few snowboard locations across the globe.

If you’re traveling long distances to hit up some new slopes or rad surf spots, Awayco promises to take a load off your back during the travel portion of the trip. Check it out for yourself.

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