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Auto Supplies: How to Protect Your Vehicle From the Elements

Your vehicle is your pride and joy and ideally you would like to park it under cover, in a garage, or somewhere where it is not exposed to the elements. Sometimes this requires buying auto supplies to protect your investment.

Unfortunately, not everyone is in a position to be able to do this. So what are the best ways you can keep your vehicle protected as much as possible from Mother Nature?


Sunlight can help to fade the paintwork on your car or truck. Parking your vehicle in a shaded area or carport (if available) will help protect both the interior and exterior from harsh sunlight. This protects the dashboard and the upholstery.

Sun shield for windscreen

Also worth considering is using a sun shield. This also helps protect the interior of the vehicle from sunlight and UV rays and has the added bonus of keeping the vehicle cool. No one likes getting into a hot car on a sunny day. 

Cleaning and waxing

If you allow dust, dirt, and debris to build up it can damage your bodywork. It is important to wash your vehicle regularly and use wax. Wax adds a layer of protection against the elements, helps reduce the chance of corrosion and rust and makes your beloved truck or car look good.

Tree sap and bird droppings

It is easy to ignore these but both of these annoyances can cause damage to your paint work. Bird droppings are acidic and if ignored will damage the exterior. Tree sap itself will not harm your paintwork but must be cleaned off carefully to avoid scratching the car surface.

Car cover

There will be times when you have no area that is shaded and no garage but you still want to protect your vehicle. A car cover can be a great option. One of the best things is they come in every size and type imaginable. Maybe you want it for your car or truck or perhaps you have a SUV. They even have them for RVs, scooters, and jet skis!

You can obtain lightweight indoor covers but obviously you need to protect your vehicle from the elements so you will need to look for an outside car cover. This will be heavier than the indoor ones and considerably sturdier but they are waterproof. A car cover will preserve your vehicle’s bodywork from scratches and nicks.

When choosing one you may want to look for one specifically for your model and make. Suppliers can provide custom covers for many vehicles. A good custom car cover will fit like a glove and is worth your investment in protecting your car, truck or indeed any other vehicle. A good one will protect against all the elements even in quite severe weather.

Hail protection

So you have a few options to protect your car from the elements and other other nuisances. But what if you live somewhere prone to storms and especially hail storms?

You need to find a good, reliable car cover for hail protection. The standard outdoor car covers will definitely protect you in all weathers but if you’re interested in looking further then there are other options. 

Hail damage results in thousands and thousands of insurance claims every year and millions of dollars in vehicle repairs. Hopefully you are insured against this hazard but ideally it would be better to protect your vehicle so you never have to claim or have the inconvenience of being without your vehicle during repairs.

Car port

Some other options you can consider is a weatherproof portable car port. This is exactly what it sounds like. A car port you can erect and park inside and then fold down and store away.

If you have space outside your home or have a driveway but unfortunately no garage you can use one of these car ports there. They are strong enough not to be blown away and easily assembled. You must make sure the car port you are looking at is weather proof as some are not. A standard one would protect you up to a medium sized hailstorm. If you live in an area that suffers from heavier storms then you may have to consider other options.

Car umbrella

This is a portable device that covers your vehicle and protects it from the elements. But only to a degree. The advantages are that it is easily assembled, can withstand fairly strong winds, usually has anti-theft technology and is made from tough fiberglass so can withstand heavy hail. The disadvantage is it doesn’t cover the sides of the vehicle.

If you choose a car umbrella you may want to pair it with some other anti hail protection such as magnetic windshield protector or perhaps even a car cover if you live in a hail storm heavy environment. A magnetic windshield protector is also good for keeping your windshield clear of snow and ice.

One extra benefit of the car umbrella is it will keep your car cooler. So if you are living in a sunny environment and hail is not your concern then you may like to look at one of these.

Inflatable car cover

For protection against hail, from light to heavy storms you could try an inflatable car cover. This is like a bubble that surrounds your vehicle and it uses fans inside to keep air moving to form the bubble. Although quite strange looking at first they offer the best protection from hail.

So you have a variety of options to protect your vehicle from sun damage, bird droppings and hail storms. A custom car cover would probably suit most people without a garage as it protects from the sun, snow, hail and scratches.

The best protection will keep your vehicle from gaining any unsightly dents, scratches or rust. Keep it washed, waxed and protected and you can enjoy your vehicle for years to come with no repair bills or annoying insurance claims. 


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