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Aulta Surf Chronograph’s Are Built For Adventure

Ulta Kainoa Chronograph

When it comes to the pairing of style and adventure, nothing beats a chronograph. While there are plenty of more modern, up-to-date watches tricked out with all the tech and features you could ever want, there’s something much more appealing about classic gear – watches that offer functionality in a clean, simple yet stylish package. That’s the driving factor behind Aulta watches.

Aulta got its start in Hawaii, inspired by the love of surf; that’s why they’ve created all their watches with adventure in mind. The two watches we feel embody that idea best are the Kainoa and the Leeway chronographs.

The Kainoa is a chronograph designed for adventure; Aulta’s “most amphibious” one yet, in their own words. It looks like a classic chrono but updated, with a sleek, modern watch face that looks good on your wrist while still inspiring adventure. There’s a Miyota OS11 Japanese quartz movement paired with a 44mm 316L stainless steel case and a gasket-sealed screw down crown. Lumiscent fill on the hour, minute, and second hands help you quickly glance at the time, all the time.  It’s stylish enough to wear to work or on your next adventure and comes with a nylon wrist strap.

The Leeway is very similar; this time, it uses a Miyota OS21 quartz movement, paired with – again – a 44mm surgical grade 316L stainless steel case. It lacks the waterproofness of the Kainoa but doesn’t lack any of the other details; the mineral crystal watch face is simpler than the Kainoa, offering a classier and more refined look. You can pair it with any number of bands; nylon, canvas, leather, stainless steel.

And did we mention, they’re super affordable? Whichever you prefer, all of Aulta’s watches look great on your wrist whether it’s going to work or hitting up the surf. Try one out for yourself.


Aulta Surf Chronograph’s Are Built For Adventure Aulta Surf Chronograph’s Are Built For Adventure

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