When you’re looking for pure speed in deep snow, you can’t settle for any old pair of snowshoes. You need something light, nimble and quick – without any additional drag or bulk. In other words, you need the Atlas Boa Run. These awesome snowshoes are relatively thin and narrow, getting rid of any excess material that may get in your way and weigh you down. The frames are lightweight aluminum, and a pair weighs only 2 pounds, 9 ounces, light enough for the fastest of running. The stainless-steel crampons provide enough grip and traction for all sorts of technical winter terrain, especially important when you’re moving so quick you don’t have to dig in for traction. There’s also a pair of aluminum cleats on the heels, which adds even more stability and traction on slopes and uphills.

Two cool features with the Atlas Boa Run. First, the Spring-Loaded Suspension, which keeps the snowshoe close to your foot but suspended, for better and more natural movement. It absorbs impact in each step and gives even better traction, as the provided flex helps the crampons dig in.

The second is the Boa straps, which is straightforward but allows for quick, easy on and off, and cinch down over lower-cut running shoes more easily. When you’re trying to cut down on weight for running without losing your footing, that can make a huge difference.

The Atlas Boa Run is a great choice for running in light snow, but we wouldn’t recommend it for heavier-duty hiking. It just doesn’t have the sturdy platform and traction of thicker snowshoes, thanks to it’s thinner profile. But for winter running, it’s a great choice, even on lightly technical terrain. Just stick to the backcountry shoes for mountain ascents and long treks.

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