What’s to like about Astorflex Greenflex Chukka Boot:

  • Premium all-natural leather
  • 100% natural rubber soles
  • Supple and comfortable leather
  • Functional and well-constructed
  • Affordable price

Chukkas have been a staple of men’s style for decades, and the simplicity of these boots is only followed by their elegant aesthetic. However, finding the best chukka boots is not always easy, primarily because chukkas come in various colors and materials.

So, we scoured the web for top-quality chukka boots and stumbled upon Astorflex Greenflex, an exquisite model that will leave an impression on anyone. Well, they impressed us, and here’s what we learned about these chukkas after a couple of days of testing.

Astorflex: Top Quality Since the 19th Century

Tradition plays a vital role in Italian shoemaking, and Astorflex is among the oldest brands in the Mantova region. Established by brothers Alfredo and Bettino Travenzoli, this family-owned business is now owned by Fabio, a capable shoemaker himself.

In essence, Astorflex is all about respecting the heritage and taking care of our planet. Namely, water-based adhesives and vegetable-tanned leather are among the primary materials used by this company. Also, everything is handmade, and every shoe that comes out of the Astorflex factory is unique and special. Of course, the same goes for the eye-catching Astorflex Greenflex Chukka Boots.

The Italian Shoemaking Tradition: Style and Elegance

As we all know, high-end Italian shoes are famous worldwide. Italian shoes are synonymous with luxury and class thanks to their premium materials and bespoke craftsmanship.

Even though famous brands dominate the market, family factories also play a significant role in the overall industry. Yet, traditional shoemaking in Italy is a dying art because younger generations seldom continue their family’s traditions.

That’s why companies like Astorflex deserve the attention they receive. In return, these shoemaking factories reward us with stylish products built with love and attention to detail.

Astorflex Greenflex: Environmentally Friendly Boots

Many things about the Greenflex chukkas are attention-worthy, but we should start with the eco-friendly aspects. After all, Astorflex is now in its sex generation, but they still follow the original, time-tested manufacturing methods.

Of course, modern technologies are there to help, but Astorflex Greenflex Chukka Boots feature naturally-tanned European leather. To be precise, they soak the leather in a mixture of mimosa, powdered oak bark, and water. As a result, the soft and supple leather becomes an ideal material for high-end boots, including the attractive Greenflex chukkas.

Premium Materials

In general, chukkas come as ankle-high boots with suede or leather uppers, rubber soles, open lacing, and two or three pairs of eyelets. Allegedly, the name chukka comes from the polo game, but most people associate chukka boots with desert boots worn by British soldiers during World War II.

As such, chukkas had to be as tough as nails, with a rugged exterior and comfortable inner area. That’s why Astorflex uses the best materials in the Greenflex model, including 100% natural rubber for the soles. In addition, as we already mentioned, genuine leather plays a massive part in shaping the Greenflex Chukka Boots. Speaking of this element, let’s check it out more closely.

Attractive Leather Upper

Depending on your tastes and preferences, you can choose from three colors of the Astorflex Greenflex chukkas. More precisely, the available options include Dark Chestnut, Dark Khaki, and Stone. But, arguably, the washed-out, grayish solar of the Stone color scheme is the most attractive, and it won our hearts.

In any case, the suede leather upper will look excellent on any combination, including a pair of blue denim jeans. We dig the timeless style of the Astorflex Greenflex chukkas, and the chances are you will, too.

Lightweight Rubber Sole

Besides looking classy, these chukka boots are also super comfortable. The high-quality leather cradles the contours of your foot, providing a snug feeling when you tighten the laces.

Likewise, the rubber soles offer maximum comfort thanks to their softness. Also, you’ll feel like walking on a cloud because of the bounciness provided by the lightweight soles. Overall, these chukkas are as light as they get, making the Greenflex model an ideal men’s footwear for office or summer walks around the city.

Ergonomic and Comfortable

As we already said, the quality of materials is among the trademarks of Italian shoes. Consequently, premium fabrics result in maximum comfort, which also happens with Astorflex Greenflex Chukka Boots.

In other words, these handmade Italian boots will reduce fatigue and provide a comfortable feeling even if you spend an entire day wearing the Greenflex model. In essence, well-designed rubber soles, in a combo with high-quality leather, ensure an ergonomic foot position.

Also, another friendly tip is to pay close attention and choose the appropriate size because European sizing can confuse American buyers. Moreover, if you are between sizes, the best option is to size down because the leather might stretch and expand after a while.

Are They Worth The Price?

Admittedly, Italian shoes and boots can get pricey, given their reputation. Yet, Astorflex Greenflex will not burn a massive hole through your wallet, even though these chukkas are not the cheapest out there.

In other words, the Greenflex model is a wise investment that will raise your game and improve points for style and classiness. Moreover, these shoes are worth every penny because of the quality and comfort they provide. Also, they come with impressive durability and sturdiness. Thus, you’ll never regret buying the elegant Astorflex Greenflex Chukka Boots since they offer the best price to value ratio. In short, these are the best chukkas you’ll find in 2021.