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Aston Martin Just Announced The First Electric RapidE

Aston Martin Electric RapidE eletric

Whenever the next James Bond film comes out, we know what he’ll be driving – their first all electric RapidE, a fully electric version of their classic luxury car( hence the name “RapidE” – nice name, right?)

The RapidE is the spearhead of the British luxury carmaker’s new low and zero-emissions initiative, which will also includes such vehicles as the all-electric DBX crossover SUV. There aren’t a lot of details about the electric RapidE just yet. It’s a sporty looking four door sports sedan, based on the Rapide AMR, but with an electric powertrain to in place of the six-litre V12. It will also put out 800 horsepower with a range of 200 miles. Yes. 800 horsepower. Out of an electric car.

Impressed? You should be.

Only about 155 units of the RapidE will be produced, and each will cost about $250,000. Not cheap, but not expensive for an Aston Martin either. It has unfortunately been delayed until 2019, but looks worth the wait.

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