Every backcountry enthusiast needs a good signal beacon, just in case of emergencies. While some people may opt for a satellite device that sends texts and messages, a good avalanche style transceiver is still a worthy investment, especially for backcountry touring with deep snow. The Arva Axio Beacon features three antennas, as opposed to the single or dual-antennas found on most older models. This makes it far more accurate, powerful and safe; the three antennas work together to create a strong, accurate signal, with a search strip of 60 meters. The third antenna folds out from the top of the device for a longer signal, and improved detection of multiple sites. All three antennas are always active, while on most three-antenna models, only the first two are active at all times, and the third one only comes on when needed.

The Axio Beacon has marking functions for multiple burial sites and will tell you when you’re leaving the flux line and are getting out of range and need to turn around, flashing a “U-turn” sign. A built-in motion detector is there to switch the beacon’s search mode back to transmitting, should a second avalanche occur. You can also switch between analog and digital searching as you go.

While searching, the Axio will detect interference from cell phones and other electronics and will do it’s best to minimize any distortion in the signal. There is also a group check function to ensure everybody is accounted for and their beacons working before hitting the trail. The device comes with a neoprene pouch that can be attached to the outside of your gear.

There’s some skill and method to be learned in using avalanche beacons, and we highly recommend taking the time to brush up on it, and invest in a good transceiver, if you could ever find yourself in avalanche terrain. The Arva Axia Beacon will help add an essential layer of safety to your treks, provided you keep it fresh and ready to go.

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