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Arsenal Camera Assistant: Intelligent Assistant For Taking The Best Photos

Arsenal Camera Assistant Feature

With the amount of computers and artificial intelligence out there, who needs photographers anymore, right? We kid, of course, but the Arsenal camera assistant is so smart, we couldn’t help but ponder that question.

Arsenal is an intelligent camera assistant that helps you “unlock” the full capabilities of your DSLR or mirrorless camera, capturing perfect photos anytime, anyplace. It does this by being strapped on top of your camera and by employing an AI. This AI uses an “advanced neural network” to detect and anlyze everything happening in the scene and in your shot, and then suggest the exact settings necessary to get the perfect shot. The algorithms it employs are similar to those used in self-driving cars and can recognize anything from a bird’s fast-moving wings to wind and vibrations, to lighting and color. Arsenal compares the scene to its database of thousands of images and then comes up with the ideal settings to capture that scene perfectly. The device will also automatically “stack” images (multiple exposure HDR technique) in poor and difficult lighting situations and is capable of some pretty long exposures. The built-in accelerometer will even detect how stable your camera is and select a shutter speed appropriate for getting sharp, clear images. You can even set it up to capture incredible time lapses, controlling for exposure as the day changes.

Everything you need to see – live preview, settings, adjustments – are all displayed on your phone via the Arsenal app, letting you tweak and control the camera remotely via WiFi or Bluetooth connection. To focus, just tap on the screen – just as if shooting with your phone’s camera.

Okay, so maybe it takes the skill out of photography – but there’s gotta be a use for it, even for the more technically- and photographically-inclined of us. If you’re interested, you can currently snag one for the pre-order price of $175. They’re expected to ship sometime this month, so act quickly before they go up to $250 a piece.

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