For most of the general population, winter is a dark, desolate season where it is much more preferable to sit inside all day rather than go out into the frigid weather. Most of us, however, don’t have that option. We have places to be and things to do. Arc’teyx, one of our favorite outdoors brands, gets it, which is why they’ve brought us a line of heavy-duty, stylish winter clothing: Veilance. And the Arc’Teryx Veilance Node Jacket brings you to a new level of “beating winter”.

The Veilance Node looks much like Arc’teryx’s classic outdoor hoodies, but this time, with a sleek, urban edge.  As is to be expected from , it is quite minimalist in design; slim cut, with hand pockets, and Watertight zippers for keeping the elements out. All the usual technical details are there as well – taped seams, interior zippered pockets, everything you could need. The fabric is GORE-TEX 3L Pro – the crème de la crème of waterproof material; there’s essentially no weather that this thing can’t handle.

But the real draw here is the insulation. The Veilance Node boasts a whopping 850 fill European grey goose down combined with 100 gsm Coreloft, a synthetic down. In other words, this jacket is warm. Very warm. The Coreloft is a lighter, less bulky alternative to down, but with many of the same qualities; this helps keeps the weight of the jacket down, but, when paired with regular down, allows for a tenfold increase in heat retention.

Of course, it’s important that it  not be too warm; if we’ve learned anything, it’s that outerwear must be comfortable, breathable and adaptable as well. The inside of the jacket is breathable and moisture-wicking, ensuring you remain cool and comfortable should things start to get a little heated.

Overall, the Veilance line is a nice new direction for Arc’teryx, and definitely something we can get behind. The Veilance Node gives the perfect blend of streetwear design and tundra-cold comfort –  a minimalist style that will take you anywhere you want to go this winter. Is is worth the $1300+? Only you can answer that question.

Buy - $1,300.00
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