Fleece isn’t always the first thing people think of when layering up for the winter. Until recently, it might actually have been fair to say that it was even considered better for casual wear and not for the outdoors, as rain and wind simply go right through it. Recently, however, fleece has come back into vogue, both for more casual outdoor wear (a growing trend) or even in some cases as a bona fide layer when outdoors. A good example of this would be the Arc’teryx Stryka Fleece.

The Stryka isn’t exactly a new addition to Arc’teryx’s lineup, but it is proving to be one of the most versatile – and stylish, ready for wear in active and casual situations. Considering the sheer array of sleek and dynamic jackets Arc’teryx offers, that’s a considerable feat. They bill it as a baselayer, but it’s something we think you might be reaching for as a mid-layer or even an extra top layer (when a hardshell isn’t needed, of course).

Woven from their Torren 170 polyester fabric, this hoodie is air-permeable and moisture-wicking, just like any good fleece is. It’s also superbly stretchy, something not all fleece is; it’s comfortable to wear at any time and the stretch will allow you to make any moves you need, whether it’s rock climbing, scaling a mountain or bombing down slopes. That’s in addition to Arc’teryx’s customary trim styling, articulated patterning and gusseted underarms, which help add some serious flexibility.

A host of other features help make it a comfortable choice too, like a balaclava-style hoodie to keep your face and neck cozy. The Stryka hoodie is also cut super long, ensuring it doesn’t ride up and leave you exposed. Whatever you’re looking to use it as – baselayer, midlayer or casual piece on cold evenings – the Stryka’s stretchy smoothness is sure to please.

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