What’s to like about Arc’teryx Gamma LT hoody:

  • Weather-resistant layers
  • Stretchy yet resilient
  • Breathable and lightweight fabric
  • A streamlined fit
  • Top-notch freedom of movement
  • Helmet-compatible StormHood

Softshell hoodies might not save the world, but they could save you from the wind and cold on your early morning dog walks. Of course, opting for a quality hoodie will offer extra perks, and the spectrum of activities where this handy apparel will be helpful expands rapidly.

For example, the cool-looking Arc’teryx Gamma LT Softshell Hoody is here to push the boundaries and bravely go into the unknown. Its elusive shape evades definitions, making this product an essential element in every outdoorsy person’s wardrobe. Here’s everything we learned about Gamma LT after seeing how it behaves in various weather.


If by any chance, you are unfamiliar with the brand, we should say a couple of words about Arc’teryx. This company appeared in 1989 in British Columbia, and it first manufactured climbing harnesses. In 1998, Arc’teryx joined the global apparel industry, debuting with the legendary Alpha SV, a high-end alpine climbing shell.

Arc’teryx relies on its three pillars when producing its gear and equipment: materials, construction, and design. As you’ll notice, the Gamma LT hoodie also follows this well-trodden path.


The best apparel is the one that keeps you warm, comfortable, and protected from as many harmful elements as possible. Then again, this definition offers little help to anyone looking to buy a new softshell jacket. For that reason, here’s a quick checklist to follow before purchasing:


Softshell fabric is famous for a reason, given its dense structure and resistance to pilling or shedding. Even though the softshell material is made from woven fabric, it should provide water resistance and elasticity. Yet, not every jacket or hoody will feature premium materials, so double-check this aspect when looking for new apparel.


Arguably, outdoor winter sportswear should not prioritize aesthetics, but we all want to look eye-catching and stylish when hitting the slopes or exploring new terrains. Even though their primary focus is functionality, softshell hoodies and jackets should feature attractive designs and modern looks. Therefore, look for models suitable for your style and preferences.


We mentioned the importance of effortless functionality during high-performance activities, and that’s why your new softshell jacket should provide complete freedom of movement and plenty of storage space. Of course, other features and elements could also boost usability, depending on your lifestyle. For instance, an oversized hood is a must-have for anyone living in areas with lots of rainy and windy days.


Last but not least, don’t forget to compare several models and find the one suitable for your budget. After all, high-profile bands sell their goods at higher prices, but many budget-friendly and affordable softshell jackets will meet most users’ needs. So, don’t rush the process and do your research to make an informed decision before splashing the cash.


In essence, this softshell jacket/hoodie is the perfect outdoor all-rounder. Admittedly, you’ll need a parka or something more rugged for polar temperatures, but Gamma LT will handle moderate winds and precipitation without problems.

Since Arc’teryx Gamma LT is a lightweight hoodie, it favors breathability and mobility over weather protection. This model is versatile and flexible because it features the hard-wearing Wee Burly fabric.


Speaking of fabrics, we should mention that Arc’teryx opted for Wee Burly for a reason. This material excels in rough conditions when it’s vital to keep the base layer warm and dry. At the same time, this fabric makes Gamma LT the lightest model in the Gamma series.

From what we’ve seen, the Arc’teryx Gamma LT softshell hoody balances between breathability and warmth. And it does an excellent job striking the sweet spot and allowing you to wear it with or without layers.


Another standout feature of the multi-practical Gamma LT softshell jacket is the stretchiness. The four-way stretchy fabric allows for unrestricted freedom of movement, making Gamma LT suitable for all athletic activities.

Arc’teryx claims that British Columbia’s terrains and conditions inspired the designs for the Gamma LT model. As a result, this softshell hoodie has a streamlined and comfortable fit, weighing only one pound and 3.2 ounces.

As expected, Arc’teryx offers six sizing options and four color combos, allowing you to find the perfect model and adjust Gamma LT to your style.


Arc’teryx Gamma LT softshell hoody is abrasion-resistant and moisture-wicking. Conversely, it also offers maximum comfort and coziness. We already mentioned the streamlined fit and stretchiness, but there’s more where that came from.

Namely, Arc’teryx opted to equip this jacket with an oversized, helmet-compatible StormHood. This detail is significant because it makes Gamma LT suitable for winter sports, providing complete coverage without affecting peripheral vision. Of course, the hood is valuable when walking around the park or fishing in windy or rainy conditions.

The hood offers multiple cinching options, which also goes for the rest of the jacket. For instance, the hip cinching options will prevent heat dissipation and keep you warm for extended periods. Even though it features a minimalist design, Gamma LT comes equipped with sturdy zippers with pull tabs for effortless opening and closing.


Thanks to its multi-layer construction and streamlined fit, the well-received Arc’teryx Gamma LT Softshell Hoody is another bestseller from this iconic brand. Moreover, it’s almost impossible to find any drawbacks with this weather beater’s design or overall build quality.

So, if you need a versatile and outdoor-friendly hoodie for every climate, the Gamma LT model should be your cup of tea. It even comes at an affordable price, making it a worthwhile investment because the premium materials provide years of faithful service come wind, rain, snow, or sun.