Protecting yourself from rain, sun and wind when running or hiking means being equipped with a good running hat.

It doesn’t matter if you’re tearing up the pavement when the skies open up or are adding up the miles out in the desert; you need to be protected from the elements, even if those elements are simply rain and mist dripping into your eyes.

For us, a running cap also needs to do double-duty as a good hiking cap. That means not only being comfortable, lightweight and protective, but also being packable and crushable so it can be throw in our backpack and abused on the regular.  So with those needs in mind, while there are plenty of running hats out there, there’s really one one that does everything we need it to do: the Arc’teryx Elaho.

Arc’teryx gear is usually some of the best of its kind – albeit sometimes a little expensive. The Elaho Cap is no different: it might be more expensive than your basic baseball cap, but is certainly not outrageously priced. Why do we like it so much?

UPF Protection

First, it’s made from a tightly-woven polyester fabric that offers UPF 50+ protection to keep your head and face well-protected in sunny weather. UPF protection is also essential at higher elevations, where the air is thinner and the sun so much stronger. Skimping out on it isn’t worth the few bucks you might save.

Moisture Wicking

This cap’s polyester fabric also means it is essentially breathable and moisture-wicking, too; whether it’s wet from rain or from sweat, it dries out quickly and coolly as air permeates the fabric. And it’s got just the right amount of stretch for firm, comfortable fit that isn’t overly tight.  The soft polyester sweatband soaks up sweat and feels cozy on your forehead, and not scratchy.

Laminated, Crushable Brim

Finally, the Elaho cap rocks a laminated brim, which allows it to keep its shape when crushed down – and then spring right back up into wearable, sun-blocking shape. This is great; you can stuff the cap into your pack while hiking or even into your pocket when running if you decide you don’t need it. And at 1.6 ounces, it’s about as light and nearly-not-there as you could want.

As of April 2019, it comes Blaze Orange, Black and Labyrinth – a dark green/blue color. The adjustable back means it’s a one-size-fits-all and is versatile enough for virtually anything.


Arc’teryx Elaho Running Hat Arc’teryx Elaho Running Hat