It’s always a good idea to have a light or two on your bike for riding in dark, low-visibility situations. But these bike lights from Arara are the coolest we’ve ever seen. Not only do they look totally cool and modern, a massive upgrade from those flashing clip-ons that work as well as a crappy reflective vest, but they don’t even need batteries, instead running off of magnets that create energy from the motion of your bike wheels. It’s a bit technical for us to explain, but it works and it looks good.

The lights simply clip onto your bike wheel, similar to how you clip on a speedometer sensor. And as a result, you get a spinning light that makes your bike wheels light up as they around in circles. They turn on automatically as you start pedaling and turn off within a few minutes of stopping. Simple and easy to use; no forgetting batteries or replacing them. Just get on and go.

The Arara Bike Lights are waterproof , dustproof and were designed in Siberia. Where, you know, it’s freezing cold all the time. So they’re designed with rough weather in mind, and guaranteed to work down to 13 degrees Fahrenheit (though we can’t imagine biking in that kind of cold is any fun).  So there’s no reason to doubt their durability.

Arara Bike Lights come in six colors – blue, red, white, orange, yellow, and green. You can back them on Indiegogo right now and get 10% off.

Buy - $89.00
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