Most people who buy a Mac go for the MacBook, but those of us with more technically-demanding lines of work require something a bit more heavy-duty. Mac has us covered for that, too, with the most recent edition of the Mac Mini – it’s first rendition since 2014 – available November 7.

The Mac Mini is designed for jobs that require large amounts of computing power, packaging that into a sleek, compact body that screams Apple but remains functional and convenient. It’s got all the ports necessary these days – Thunderbolt 3, HDMI 2.0, and 10gb Ethernet, and up to 2TB of SSD storage – which gives it read times 4x faster than before. How fast? 3.4 gb/s fast.

Under the hood, however, is where the Mac Mini really shines, with 8th generation Intel quad core and six core processors and up to 64gb of 2666MHz DDR4 memory creating some massive computing power that, according Apple, means it can handle everything from “home automation to giant render farms.” Throw in the new Intel UHD Graphics 360 integrated video processor, and the Mac Mini is ready for just about anything you’re going to ask of it. Apple says video is 60% faster and overall system performance up to 5x faster than previous generations.

To ensure these workhorse components keep working smoothly (and safely), the Mac Mini also has a brand-new thermal architecture, with bigger vents and fans, a newly-redesigned and of course, all flash SSD display. As a result, it’s got 2x the airflow and up to 70% higher maximum-sustained power.

As you can imagine, the Mac Mini is meant mainly for use with hardware-intensive processes, such as 4k video editing and rendering 3d graphics. Apple even published some cool stats on their website showing how well the Mini performs at all these tasks; it’s 3.2x faster at processing “well-threader filters” in Photoshop and can export RAW video 3.6x faster in Final Cut Pro. Want to play some games? It can handle that like cake, too. Use the Thunderbolt ports to setup two 4k monitors at once and get to work. And pros – setup an entire system Mac Mini’s to handle your most hardware-intensive video and graphics rendering needs.

For the rest of us, we’ll just enjoy dang good the Mac Mini looks. It starts at a respectable $799.

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