The annual Apple Event happened this week, and as expected, the tech behemoth dropped the latest version of their flagship device. This year, they ditched the monstrously-oversized iPhone X and gave us three new models – the iPhone XR, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max – each a different size and geared for a different target market.

Filling the shoes of the iPhone X is the new XS, which features a 5.8” size, the same bezel-less design as the original iPhone X, and XS a 2436 x 1125 resolution OLED display — the same as the original iPhone X. It’s larger counterpart, the XS Max has a 6.5-inch, 2688 x 1242 resolution OLED screen (also without bezel), just in case you missed the iPhone X’s large size.

One the coolest new features on the new models, however, is the 458 pixel-per-inch resolution, which gives them undoubtedly the sharpest displays ever found on an iPhone and some of the most accurate colors.

Furthermore, the XS and XS Max have something else new: an IP68 rating for water, splash and dust resistance. In other words, if your phone gets dropped into almost 7 feet of water, you could leave it there for a whole 30 minutes before it became damaged. A few spilled drinks and tumbles around the kitchen are pretty inconsequential, in comparison.

Other than that – and a few cool new features in the phone’s themselves – the XS and XS Max aren’t anything special. It’s with the iPhone XR that things start to get a bit more interesting.

The iPhone XR is the “budget-friendly” option (you can snag it for a mere $749 for the smallest model), and it’s also the smallest of the bunch. It even has a larger screen, thanks to what Apple is calling their new Liquid LCD; in other words, it goes even closer to the edge of the phone and uses backlighting to appear as if it takes up the entire phone. The result? A 6.1” display, with 1.4 million pixels, and bright crisp colors.

Apart from looks, the XR lacks a home button, instead relying on facial recognition to unlock. It also has haptic feedback, which means the phone vibrates slightly when you touch navigation buttons. Apple’s new 12 Bionic Chip is the fastest iPhone processor yet, and it still has a 12MP camera with Portrait mode. Sealing the deal is the IP68 rating for waterproofness and dust-resistance.

We still prefer to hold off on upgrading our phones until the last gives out (much less often than every year), but when you’re ready for an upgrade, the XR looks worth the change.

iPhone_XR_StreetShot_09122018 iPhone_XR_red-back_09122018 iPhone_XR_portrait-red_09122018 Screen-Shot-2018-09-12-at-11.39.22-PM-1480x832 iPhone-7-2-740x583