We have all been there before. You go to check your text messages and notice your phone is on low battery. You go to plug your phone in but between your tablet, Bluetooth speaker, and smartwatch, you have no more USB ports left to charge your phone. Well, worry not because the 40-Watt Anker 5-port USB wall charger offers up to 5 separate UB charging ports so you’ll never worry about USB charging again.

The Anker comes with patented Advanced Charging Technology, PowerIQ, and Voltage Boost that can output a maximum of 2.4 amps per port or 8 amps total for extremely fast charging. The PowerIQfunction automatically detects your device’s specific charging specs and modulates current and voltage for optimal charging times. One common problem with many USB chargers is that they cannot handle multiple devices simultaneously. The Anker outputs over 40W of power (8 amps per 5-volt ports) to ensure that all your devices charge quickly, no matter if you only have one thing plugged in or all slots filled. There are 4 standard USB charging ports and one USB-C port so no matter what kind of USB device you have, you can use the Anker to charge it.

The small 2.54 x 2.24 x 1.1 inch box is very portable so you can take it with you on the go. Surge protection, temperature control, and other safety measure ensure that your battery does not overcharge or the Anker does not overheat. The charger is rated DOE level 6 for energy efficiency and it is compliant with all energy standards across the U.S.

Even better, the Anker comes with an 18-month warranty that guarantees full replacement for any manufacturer errors. The only thing that could make the Anker better is if it doubled as a USB interface for your computer. However, the Anker is not a USB hub and only plugs into an AC outlet for charging. The power cable is only 5’ long so if you don’t have any outlets near where you want to set up the charger, you may need an extension cord. Also, there are models of the Anker available with 6 or more charging ports in case you have a multitude of USB devices.