Sometimes in life we take the simple, little things for granted–like salt. When it comes to salt, you won’t find any chef that takes salt for granted. Master Chef Eric Pateman has taken the “salt of the sea” to a new level with his Amola Salt’s product line.

Want to enhance that steak on the grill? Start with the Smoked Bacon Salt. What in the world is better than the top two items in the food pyramid–steak and bacon? Well, maybe they are in the food pyramid and maybe there are other things better so don’t answer that. The Smoked Bacon Salt simply includes sea salt and bacon and is hickory smoked to add that robust flavor.

If you aren’t a fan of the hickory smoke taste and prefer the more exotic taste, then go for the Black Truffle Salt. The ingredients are simple; just as named: black truffles and sea salt. Add this salt to pasta, popcorn, or any dish which you want to add a savory taste.

OK. So you aren’t a truffle person. Then see just how tough you really are with the Molten Hot Salt. Can you handle these gut-burners: chipotle, ghost pepper, cayenne, habanero, and scorpion powder? If you are a hot sauce person, this may be an attractive alternative to your dishes.

Here is the perfect opportunity to take your chef abilities to the next level. Add all the Amola Salt products to your spice cabinet. and let the experimenting begin. No more boring iodized salt in your kitchen!

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