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Amazon Key is Now A Thing – But Is It a Good Idea?

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Amazon keeps on churning new devices and services, and their newest – Amazon Key – may just be the most interesting yet. You can just about anything – from dog food to groceries to a 60″ TV – via Amazon Prime. Amazon Key will now allow Amazon’s ubiquitous couriers to open your front door and place your packages right into your home. No longer will you have to worry about packages being left outside, where they can be lost, damaged, rained on, or straight up stolen. Nor will you have to have it delivered to an Amazon Locker in order to avoid any of those situations.

So how does it work? Using the new Amazon Cloud Cam, coupled with a compatible smart lock installed on your front door. You connect the Cloud Cam to your home and lock via Wi-Fi. When a courier arrives with a package, they can request – via their app – to request permission to unlock door. Amazon will turn on the Cloud Cam to record as the courier unlocks the door and delivers the package, before locking it back up and heading on their way. You, the customer, will be notified on your phone before every delivery and can watch it live on your phone for reassurance. In-home delivery is also only available when chosen ahead of time as a delivery option. Currently, Yale and Kwikset produce compatible locks, but you can bet on seeing a lot more coming out soon enough.

The real question here is, however, is whether or not people will embrace this idea. Amazon is already getting pretty comfortable with having microphones and cameras in your home with their many Echo devices, so maybe this isn’t too far of a reach. The built-in safety features and ability to literally watch every delivery live is nice, too.

Amazon Key is available exclusively for Prime members, and  and Amazon will sell a starter pack for $249.99, including a smartlock, Cloud Cam, and installation. So far, it’s only available in the 37 cities where Amazon Logistics currently operates, and will be available November 8th.

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