What’s to like about ALPS Mountaineering Momentum Poles:

  • Ultra Lightweight construction
  • 100% carbon fiber
  • Fast-locking system
  • An ergonomic EVA foam grip
  • An adjustable holding strap
  • Tungsten Carbide tip
  • A removable walking cap

Since the winter is almost over, it’s high time to start planning your outdoor adventures during spring and summer. For instance, every self-respecting trekker or mountain runner should look to add a pair of reliable trekking poles to their arsenal.

So, if you are also in the market for top-rated hiking poles, we have an affordable yet reliable solution. The adjustable and versatile ALPS Mountaineering Momentum Trekking Poles will provide everything you will ever need. Here’s why.


You probably know it already, but ALPS is an acronym for the brand’s name and doesn’t reference the famous mountain range in Europe. After all, ALPS is an iconic American company founded in 1993 by Dennis Burne, a former manager at Kelty.

Since ALPS is a family-owned brand, it offers a friendly attitude towards outdoor enthusiasts and premium customer service. At the same time, the company focuses on innovation and continues to push the limits of what’s possible in the outdoor gear segment.


Finding quality products for an active lifestyle is tricky because these items should be budget-friendly yet handle plenty of wear and tear. The same applies to trekking poles and hiking staffs. So, to separate the best from the rest, use the following checklist:


The first element relates to the pole’s purpose because various areas require specific trekking poles. For instance, a traditional walking staff is the best option for flat surfaces, while shock-absorbing models are more suitable for rugged terrains. Also, consider whether you need a foldable or a single-pole staff.


Speaking of foldable models, we should elaborate on the importance of finding the ideal length of a trekking pole. After all, adequately sized models will let you position the elbows and wrists at a perfect angle. So, check the size charts provided by the manufacturer to buy the right trekking pole for your height.


These days, trekking poles are more versatile than ever, and most models can handle obstacles on any terrain. Of course, the secret lies in adjustability, and that’s why it’s essential to look for models providing hassle-free length adjustments. In other words, check if you can shorten and extend the pole with no hassle.


Finally, consider the design aspects of your new trekking poles because ergonomic handles and other details can significantly affect fatigue in the long run. Essentially, comfortable and functional models will provide support and stability while reducing aches and pains, a classic win/win situation.


As we said earlier, ALPS has plenty of experience under the belt. Thus, it’s not surprising to see only high-quality outdoor gear in their catalog, including camping tents, sleeping bags, daypacks, and even camping furniture.

Of course, premium trekking poles are also on the menu, starting with Momentum, the flagship model. Admittedly, the Momentum poles are the most expensive option in the ALPS library, almost three times the price of the closest contender. So, are they worth it? Let’s check.


It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that lightweight trekking poles offer excellent efficiency and comfortable handling. Moreover, the lighter the hiking staff, the easier it is to move it around and traverse across varying landscapes.

For that reason, you’ll be glad to hear that ALPS Mountaineering Momentum Trekking Poles weigh only 14.5 ounces combined. So, you’ll carry around seven ounces in each hand, which is below the industry standard. Thanks to ultra-lightweight carbon structure, the Momentum will add next to nothing to your outdoor gear’s weight, allowing you to conquer new trails and set new records.


Another area where ALPS Momentum exceeds expectations is convenience because these poles feature an advanced fast-locking system. In essence, this technology allows you to shorten and lengthen the poles easily.

Best of all, the tensioners require no tools. All you need to do is pull the tab open to set the desired measure. The markings on the actual carbon poles are a nifty detail because they let you know the exact length of your Momentum trekking poles.

Regarding adjustability, we should also mention the removable walking caps and the Tungsten Carbide tips. In addition, ALPS Mountaineering includes large and standard accessory baskets in the package, allowing you to customize the poles fully.


To assess and evaluate the performances of the innovative Momentum trekking poles, we had to see how they behave in action. After a couple of days, it became clear that the well-designed handles deserve top marks for ergonomics and comfort.

Notably, the extended EVA foam on the handles is soft enough to reduce stress and prevent blisters. On the other hand, the foam ensures a secure grip, regardless of the weather. If that’s not enough, the Momentum trekking poles also come equipped with adjustable straps.

The cool-looking wrist wraps feature the ALPS logo and an easy-to-use system for adjusting the length. As long as you use the straps properly, your favorite trail companions will never go out of reach.


From what we’ve seen, ALPS Mountaineering Momentum Trekking Poles are among the best trekking poles money can buy in 2022. Built with 100% carbon and featuring a premium-quality locking system, this model is the latest say in technology. As a result, each pole is only around seven ounces heavy, making them almost unnoticeable in your backpack.

So, the Momentum trekking poles could be a worthwhile investment for all you hikers, trekkers, mountain runners, or backpackers. Even if you are a casual walker, this model will provide traction, increase stability, and aid movement in any terrain.