As much as we all love a good sporty hardshell, sometimes, there’s something to be said for classic designs and materials. The Alpine Anorak from Alps & Meters, a Boston-based outerwear brand, is based on the classic mountaineering gear worn by the United States 10th Mountain Division Alpinists, the only combat division specifically trained for alpine warfare. Anorak is another term for a style of parka, as originally invented by the Caribou Inuit.

This classically stylish, bombproof anorak from Alps & Meters is made of fortified British Millerain Chera 8 canvas, sealed with wax to keep water out, and lined with a 10k/10k waterproof membrane. 10k/10k means that, technically, you could fill a 1”x1” tube of water on top of a 1” piece of fabric with 10,000mm of water and it wouldn’t leak through. In less technical terms, it is waterproof unless subject to high pressure, and performs excellently in both rain and snow.

It uses a traditional hooded design, with a classic front lace closure and a face guard, to keep the cold and wind out. The shoulder panels are reinforced with canvas panels for hard use and abuse, side panels provide ventilation and breathability, and it’s built for utility; the Flap protected waterproof pockets are designed for easy access, and keep your valuables dry.

This combination of modern technology and old-fashioned design results in one sweet jacket. You might say the Alpine Anorak is as good as any other technical shell, but let’s be real; it’s not supposed to be a technical shell. Its old-fashioned, classic, outdoor design is where most of the appeal lies. But yes, it will stand up to some pretty rough conditions and nasty weather as well as some of your favorite ski shells. It’ll just look a heck of a lot cooler in the process.

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