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Stock Up On Alpine Start: Instant Coffee For The Trail

Alpine Start Instant Coffee

Need we preach anymore about the necessity of a warm cup of coffee to start the day? The luxury of a hot cup on a cold morning on the trail? We didn’t think so; our love for coffee is already pretty well established, and we’re constantly on the lookout for new ones to add to our collection. The latest one worth trying out: Alpine Start Instant Coffee.

If you don’t like instant coffee, you are definitely not alone. How often is actually good? Not very – but Alpine Start actually is. It starts with hand selecting the finest Arabica beans from Colombia (where they grow the world’s best coffee), roasting them to perfection, and brewing them into a smooth, delicious cup of coffee. They then dehydrate it and package it into nifty and convenient little tear-off packets that fit into your pack and are ready for days on the trail.

No need to carry a French press and grinder with you everywhere; Alpine Start can shave a lot of weight and trouble off your pack. We’d miss the morning ritual but can’t deny the convenience. And it tastes pretty good, too. They even make Coconut Creamer and Chai Latte instant mixes to pair with.

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