Allen Edmonds says that their Grantham is a relic of the days when men put a little care and detail into the way they dress – every single night. But that doesn’t mean they don’t look just as good now as they did then. The Allen Edmonds Grantham shoes have the timeless, understated style of a plain-toe blucher, but with an updated, sleek, modern look. The material for the upper is lined premium calfskin leather, as Allen Edmonds frequently uses, and the insole is crafted of leather. The sole is single oak leather, and is constructed with 360-degree Goodyear welt. As a result, you can resole it as it wears out for years on end; it’s not uncommon to hear of a 30-year old pair of Allen Edmonds not only still in everyday use, but looking better than ever.

For the design of the Grantham, Allen Edmonds has used the 1943 Last. The 1943 is a Refined Dress shoe, with a soft, square toe that is paired with a more sculpted, longer forepart and higher cone. The result is a shoe that looks both modern and timeless – the Allen Edmonds Grantham’s M.O, if you will. Furthermore, the Grantham – as with all Allen Edmonds Shoes – is made in Wisconsin, as they have been for 95 years now. The leather is of utmost quality, and the craftsmanship impeccable. Whatever you wish to pair them with – jeans, chinos, suit pants – the Granthams pull through. They’re sleeker and less flashy than brogues or wingtips, for example, and a bit less formal, giving them a more contemporary feel.

These shoes may just be the last shoes you need in your lifetime, and they’ll look immaculately sharp every step of the way.

Allen Edmonds Grantham Features

  • Premium Calfskin Leather Upper
  • Lined premium leather upper
  • Single oak leather sole and regular heel
  • 360 degree Goodyear welted construction
  • Made in Port Washington, Wisconsin
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