You’re not fussy; you just want to find a high-quality pair of jeans made in America that are high-quality and don’t cost an arm and a leg. Even some of the more affordable options are still a little out of reach for those of us who don’t like dropping $150 on a pair. Thankfully, there’s the All-American Clothing Company.

These guys don’t make designer labels, but they do make some seriously tough, straight-forward work clothes – no frills. Just high-quality jeans, shirts and work jackets. Their jeans are made from high-quality denim, generally 15-ounce, all woven, cut and sewn right here in the USA, and come in the usual assortment of cuts and sizes – straight leg, tapered, slim. There are canvas work pants and office casual stuff as well.

The best part is how reasonably priced they are, too. A pair of All-American Classic Jeans can run you as little as $55, which less than half of most American-made jeans, if not even less. They’re durable and built to last.

All-American takes an insane amount of pride in making some of the best and most affordable clothing in the US, and also makes an assortment of sweatshirts, outerwear, henleys, pullovers, and active wear. You name it, they probably make a version of it – even leather jackets. Again, you won’t find any fancy features or labels, just straightforward, quality, Made-in-America clothing with a classic American look. And though we love all the high-tech modern stuff that we review so much on here, sometimes, that’s exactly what we’re looking for. Free shipping and returns can’t hurt, either.


All-American Casual Pant

All-American Original Jean – Dark Stonewash 

All-American Classic Jean

All-American Racer Leather Jacket

All-American Dark Navy Wool Jacket 

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