The 2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio is Alfa Romeo’s step back into the luxury niche, an absolutely gorgeous sports sedan at an affordable price point. Alfa Romeo has a reputation for finicky and unreliable cars, but appear to be putting that behind them with their newest releases.

On the outside, the Giulia is one heck of an attractive car. It has a luxurious, sleek and sporty appearance that looks almost like a blend between a Ferrari, Tesla and a Bentley. To keep weight down and increase speed, Alfa Romeo words in a good deal of Aluminum and Carbon Fiber.

The interior is leather, and reflects the Italians passion and flare for design. It’s available in various trim colors, with even the option for carbon-fiber backed racing seats. A built-in infotainment system knob adds functionality for navigating an array music options and navigating with a GPS.

The Alfa Romeo Giulia on the Road

The Giulia is fast, driven by a 2.9 liter, twin turbo 6-liter engine inspired by the V8 of the Ferrari California T. It puts out 503 and horsepower, and has a 0-60 of less than 4 seconds. The gearbox is a ZF 8-speed, paddle-shift automatic. Rear-wheel drive comes standard, while All-Wheel Drive comes optional on the base model. The base model has a 280HP, 2.0l twin turbo.

Floor the gas and rev the engine, and you’ll hear the turbocharger kick in and scream. Driving comes in three modes: Dynamic, Natural and Advanced Efficiency. Dynamic is built for performance, best suited for a day at the track. Natural softens the suspension and tones back the engine to make everyday driving much more comfortable.

The electric steering is fantastic and widely praised. Sports car enthusiasts say it is superior even to that of a BMW M3 or Audi R8, with incredible control and unreal on-road feel.

Flick the car into Race Mode, and the Giulia comes alive – tearing pavement and screaming like a true, exotic sports car.

Final Thoughts

The Alfa Romeo Giulia is available in a variety of different trims, ranging in price from $37,000 to over $72,000. Pricey, yes. But if you’re looking for a luxury performing sports sedan that stands out from the dozens of BMW’s and Mercedes on the road, the Alfa Romeo Giulia will get your heart racing.

Alfa Romeo Giulia Interior Alfa Romeo Giulia on the Road. 2017 Alfa Romeo Giula Quadrifoglia Three-Quarter Alfa Romeo Giulia Rear Angle Alfa Romeo Giulia is a classic.