With a range of 300 miles and a sleek, sporty exterior that is strangely reminiscent of the Model S (combined with a Porsche Panemara), the Alcraft GT is the newest addition to the rapidly-growing EV market. Designed and manufactured by British automaker, Alcraft Motor Company, the Alcraft GT is an ambitious project, with three electric motors and a four-wheel drivetrain that push out 600 horsepower. It claims to have a 0-62 (o-100 km/h, if you’re wondering) of 3.5 seconds, and 940 lb-ft of torque.  Pushing the Alcraft is 600 HP, with a mouth-watering 1,139 nm of torque (940 lb. ft). Both numbers are pretty close to Tesla‘s, and it’s pretty clear they are trying to compete with the EV titan.

The rear of the car has about 500 liters of storage space, with, according to Alcraft, a “slide-out loading platform giving access to a 500-liter luggage area which can accommodate two golf bags and trolleys.” That’s quite a bit of luggage space. All this room means it can come in either a two-seat or four-seat build. Lastly, Alcraft says that their car is “about driving involvement rather than specification-sheet numbers, torque rather than power, light weight, and dynamics rather than straight-line speed and Nurburgring lap times.” In other words, it’s about everyday driving and fun rather than technical track driving.

In a very interesting turn, Alcraft is actually crowdfunding the GT. They want to have input from interested individuals, and need the support it getting it off the ground.

Overall, it looks like a wonderful contender to Tesla, and fun, luxurious car to boot. The range isn’t bad for an EV of it’s size and power, but isn’t exactly innovative, either. For a fun luxury car, it looks quite promising – though it does beg the question of when we’ll start to start see some more affordable electric cars.


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