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Alchemy Equipment Minimalist Daypack Is Built with New Zealand Style

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Alchemy Equipment hails from the South Island of New Zealand. Not the first place you think of when outdoor gear is mentioned, but easily one of the most beautiful locations in the world, and a fantastic place for outdoor adventures. And that’s what has inspired their line of performance driven outerwear and gear.

The Alchemy Equipment AEL103 Minimalist Daypack pays homage to Dieter Rams, the legendary German industrial designer, one of the pioneers of the country’s efficient, minimalist aesthetic. Thus, the bag is truly sleek and minimal, with virtually nothing on the outside; there’s an external pocket and, of course, the requisite waterproof YKK AquaGuard zippers, but they are as slim and flush with the rest of the bag as possible. The upper is made of 900-denier Kodra fabric, with a black marble, and coated 3x with Polyurethane. There’s a TPU grab handle as well as ultra-low profile shoulder straps, and the aluminum hardware is all anodized.Inside, the pocket has enough room for a 15” laptop.

So the real question is: what are you going to use it for? The AEL103 is light enough that you can take it outside into the mountains, but sleek and convenient enough for everyday wear on your urban adventures, too. It weights only 1.2 pounds, and packs 20l of storage space into that small weight. Impressive. (By comparison, the Goruck GR1 weighs in at 2.9lbs and only has 6 more liters of storage). And the price is pretty reasonable for a bag of this quality and style, too. If you’re looking for an ultra-lite bag that looks as good in the city as it does outside, Alchemy Equipment has you covered.

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