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Charge Without Wires With the AirUnleashed Wireless Charging Mat

AirUnleashed Charger

Calling all smart device users; this one’s for you. For too long our devices have been tied down by the tyranny of wires and wired charging. Broken jacks, frayed wires, and poor lead connectivity are just some of the problems that wired charging rigs face.That’s why wireless charging is so awesome – and why the AirUnleashed Wireless Charging Pad looks so promising.

The AirUnleashed is capable of fully charging all Apple devices without any wires whatsoever. Just place a your device on the charging plate and it will automatically begin to charge.That’s really all it takes. We think the sleek white design looks great, and it’s space-conscious enough to easily fit on your desk or bedside table.

Wireless charger work via electromagnetic induction. The charging pad uses an induction coil to create an alternating electric field, which the phone picks up and converts into electrical energy. Sounds fancy. All we know is that, with up to 9V and 1.1A output, AirUnleashed says it can charge the new iPhone 11 in under 3 hours. They also claim you can charge multiple devices without slowing down charging speeds.

It’s compatible with all Apple devices from the iPhone 8 and newer and it also works with all Qi-compatible devices. They even offer AirUnleashed offers a 1-year warranty that covers and hardware defects.

Looks like a pretty good way to jump into the wireless charging game.


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