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AirBar: Turn Your MacBook Air into a Convenient Touch Tablet


Mac users are a dedicated bunch of customers. However, if you ever ask one if he/she would like a touch screen model of a MacBook Air, a majority would express being able to operate the laptop as a large iPhone. AirBar is now available for that conversion. The non-intrusive AirBar magnetically attaches to the bottom of the display. Plugs the AirBar into a USB port and you instantly have a full touchscreen which accepts gesture actions also. Just plug and touch–no complicated set up. And it won’t even drain your battery. The simplicity is such that there isn’t even a manual included with the product.

What is more amazing is the touch function doesn’t rely solely on the warmth of a bare finger touch. The AirBar operates with an invisible light field over the screen; therefore, a gloved hand, pointer, paint brush, etc. activates the touch-screen operation. Think of the possibilities!

With a touch motion, you can open apps in the dock and swipe, tap, double tap, pinch, or touch rotate within applications or on the web. Think of editing photographs and videos with a touch. Or surfing the web on your MacBook Air just as you would an iPad. The more you use it, the more you will rely on it.

Installation is simple. Attach the two included magnets in the appropriate place under your screen (simple directions are included). Attach the AirBar, plug in the USB cable, and you are ready to go. When ready to close your laptop, remove the bar and close the lid. No need to remove the magnets. Our devices are getting more seamless with closer interface for operation. The AirBar has closed the gap between the operator and device.

The AirBar is available in several sizes. It also converts a PC to a touch screen device.The PC AirBar is black in color; MacBook Air is silver in color. AirBar received the 2017 CED Honoree Award. This is surely worth checking out.


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