Cycling on the Advanced Equilibrium Bike by SZ Bikes is like the difference between an automatic auto and a standard shift auto. SK Bikes has blended style with functionality. The bike is completely designed, engineered, and built in Italy with particular attention given to details and high-quality materials.|

Aluminum is used for the frame, rims, pedals, handlebar, and the seat tube; however, the front fork is completely made of the every popular lightweight carbon fiber. Climbing the stairs to your apartment or office is no problem with this lightweight bike.  Now there is no excuse for trading the auto in for the Equilibrium Bike for your daily commute.

Features of the SK Bikes Advanced Equilibrium Bike

  • Half rim coloration that give it particular and noticeable effect. Custom colors can be selected.
  • The Equilibrium features a two-speed automatic shifting hub. This gear box assures the best gear ratio depending on the speed of the bike. The working principle is simple: a centrifugal clutch mechanism chooses your gear automatically and switches as soon as the rider requires the high or low gear.
  • The braking system delivers a safe and rapid stop. The response is based on the hydraulic front disc brake which is mounted to guarantee a precise brake in any weather condition. In addition to it, a coaster brake is installed into the automatic gear hub and assures even better braking quality as soon as someone pedals backwards.
  • CNC machined pedals
  • A “Spyder Saddle” delivers a minimalistic design and is lightweight. The seat comfort stands out the most by using a flexible plastic material that keeps the saddle soft while keeping its original form.
  • Perhaps this is the feature that puts the Equilibrium Bike over the top. There is an integrated Anti-Theft System makes it more difficult to be stolen. A built-in 120-decibel siren is set into the taillight which is secured under the saddle. A remote control activates the siren and, as soon as someone lightly touches the bike, the built-in vibration sensor enables the siren. After a first short warning ring, the siren will continue ringing until it gets switched off.

The bike is customizable, allowing you to choose the color of the frame, the rim colors, and for a number of accessories.

Available from September 2017, you can now pre-order the bicycle on the brand’s official website for around $820.


Buy - $820.00
Advanced Equilibrium Bike by SZ Bikes Advanced Equilibrium Bike by SZ BikesAdvanced Equilibrium Bike by SZ Bikes Advanced Equilibrium Bike by SZ Bikes Advanced Equilibrium Bike by SZ Bikes