Hairstyling clay has always been a favorite among grooming products for men. Do you know why? Well, here are a few WiseBarber facts about hair clay.

While pomades have always been more popular, a clay-based styling product also does a great job at styling hair. In fact, there are things that you can do with it that pomades and waxes won’t allow you to. Not forgetting that clays come with a few added health and styling benefits.

That said, below are four interesting WiseBarber facts about hair clay that you probably don’t know:

1. It Is Very Easy and Flexible to Use

Even if you are a first-timer, it takes just a few minutes to learn how to apply hair clay; whether it’s through a web post or watching a video tutorial. Much like pomade, a clay styling product doesn’t require any skill or experience. Moreover, the entire application process takes a very short time.

In a nutshell, you just have to:

  • Make sure that your hair is clean and slightly damp.
  • Take a pea-sized amount.
  • Rub it in your palms and in between your fingers.
  • And apply evenly.

Simple, right?

Now, regardless of the product’s hold strength, clays allow you to easily manipulate its firmness by dampening your hair. The dryer your hair is, the stronger the hold will be. Therefore, if you want to lighten the hold, you just have to dampen your hair slightly.

2. Adds a Little Bit of Volume or Thickness

For men with thin, patchy hair, using a clay styling product is one of the best ways to add volume/fullness. By adding volume, your new hairstyle will appear fuller and healthier. However, the main question here is; how do clays thicken thin hair? Well, it’s quite simple.

Generally, wax-based products like waxes and pomades tend to stick/clamp hair strands together. And as a result, people with thin hair will end up losing even more volume. On the plus side, clay products often contain a higher percentage of clay compared to wax.

Therefore, hair strands will be held upright by a thin layer (coating) of clay formed on each after application. But without necessarily getting clamped together by the styling product. Simply put, clay styling products have the ability to lift individual hair strands without causing clamping.

3. Improves Hair and Scalp Health

One of the most interesting facts about hair clays is that it nourishes the scalp. How? Well, clays often possess natural healing properties. And, thus, can aid in fixing damaged follicles and healing haircut nicks.

Basically, when you have a healthy scalp and follicles, it promotes the growth of healthy hair. Plus, clays occur naturally, thus, they are kinder to men with sensitive skins or scalps.

4. It Is a Great Alternative to Pomades and Waxes for Men with Oily Hair

Here, it’s a bit obvious. When your hair is oily, it is always advisable not to use oily styling products. And that’s because too much oil leads to product accumulation (or build-up). Also, when your hair is too oily, it stops producing sebum – an oil secreted by Sebaceous glands to keep your skin and hair soft and moisturized.

When this happened, you’re simply substituting a natural and nutritious oil for the artificial ones found in wax-based styling products. And that may affect the health and growth of your hair. On the plus side, hair clay doesn’t contain a lot of oil. Therefore, it won’t affect sebum production.

That being said, there are a ton of other benefits that come with using hairstyling clay. Aside from the ones above, most hair clays give natural finishes. Hence, it’s ideal for men who want to look stylish while maintaining a natural, simple, or laid-back appearance.