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8BitDo’s Zero Controller Gives Games A Retro Feel With Modern Twist

8BitDo Zero Wireless Controller

Ahh, the Classic Video Game Controller. Tomes worth of ink have been spilled on the Internet in arguments over which video game controller is supreme, and any video game enthusiasts will admit that controllers are one of the first things they look when buying new peripherals. It’s this controller love that 8BitDo channels – and mashes together with a classic design – to create one huge kick of nostalgia with the new 8BitDo Zero.


Modeled off the classic NES controller layout, the 8BitDo Wireless game-pad works with any bluetooth compatible device.  It’s small but very powerful, weighing only 50 grams but featuring an 18-hour lithium-ion battery life; this tiny design means it is extremely portable so you can game anywhere on the go.

The Zero is compatible with all major OS – including Windows, Android, and MacOS. (Sorry, Linux users!). Just plug it in with the included micro-USB and you’re good to go. It’s natively compatible, and shouldn’t need extra driver installations, and can be linked via Bluetooth as well. The Zero is compatible with most PC gaming clients (Steam, Epic, Origin, etc) and several other emulators. 8bitdo-zero

The only glaring problem: since it’s modeled after the classic NES controller, there is a distinct lack of analog sticks – potential problem with most modern games are designed around such a controller scheme. Where the Zero really shines is in its use for mobile and indie games, which are often designed for a retro feel and controller scheme. Think Shovel Knight and the Binding of Isaac.

So now when you are having conversations with your friends about good gaming controllers, make sure to remember the 8BitDo Zero. It’s a perfect gift for any gamer, regardless of age.

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