7 Travel Ideas For The Frequent Flyer: Valuable Travel Kits

Trying to find the perfect travel kit for packing? It can’t be easy to carry all your necessary belongings. But with the ideal gear, it can be a very easy task. So, we have narrowed down a few of our favorites that we couldn’t live without when catching frequent flights and taking weekend jaunts.

Our selection ranges from rare, affordable luggage to portable espresso to keep you fresh and alert. They can be handy for a jetsetter who needs to travel by air frequently. Take a look at our travel gift ideas to get you started on today’s show!

Best Travel Kits to Add in Your List

Our first kit is the EGEETOUCH SMART TSA TRAVEL LOCK. This item from EGee Touch combines two of the essential parts of a travel kit. That is a TSA-approved luggage lock and a luggage tracker. With these two items combined, you won’t have to worry about your luggage anymore. No need to worry about unlocked luggage. No need to worry about carrying keys, and locks, and fiddling with them.

The EGEETOUCH SMART TSA TRAVEL LOCK can be accessed through your smartphone or smartwatch. You can instantly unlock the lock and access your backpack with a single tap.

The wireless tracker inside the EGEETOUCH SMART TSA TRAVEL LOCK prevents you from losing your bag. The proximity feature of this lock will detect and warn you whenever you are too far from your backpack.

2. YETI SIDEKICK – Best Hanging Toiletry Bag

Here is another important piece of equipment that everyone should keep whenever they are traveling. Not only for traveling by air, but also by boat, or going on a trip, we think you should keep this with you.

The Yeti Sidekick is a leather toiletry bag to keep your cards, phone, glasses, and earphones. These bags will keep your favorite items dry, and protect them from water. Whatever item you need to keep things dry, throw them in this YETI Sidekick pouch.

This hanging toiletry bag takes the same durable, waterproof DryHide internal and external design they used to build their awesome coolers – like the Hopper – and puts it into a fabulous accessory pouch. Thus they are durable, waterproof, and the safest place for your items. Toss your keys, phone, wallet, and other valuables here, and rest easy; they’ll be safe and sound.

3. Bose QuietComfort Headphones

Can you think of passing your time at the airport without music? Maybe yes, but with music, everything gets better. So here is the BOSE QuietComfort HEADPHONE to accompany you everywhere.

Expensive? Sure. Worth it? Absolutely. That is why we have selected the best headphone for travel from Bose. Putting on a pair of Bose QuietComfort is akin to stepping into your recording studio. It is just you and the music. The Bose QuietComfort delivers deep, powerful, crystal clear music that sounds like it’s right next to you.

It is perfect for traveling. Long-haul flights and morning commuting can be very tiring. But with these headphones, touring and commuting can be much more pleasant. And this current price on Amazon is a deal you shouldn’t pass up.


What is the top problem that we have while traveling? Our devices are running out of battery. Can you imagine traveling for multiple hours with a phone with a dead battery? We can’t. That would be one of the terrifying experiences in our life.

Thus, keeping your devices up and running on any trip is essential. How can we ensure that? With a power bank, of course. In that case, look at this Anker 20100 MAH battery pack/ power bank.

This portable battery pack from Anker packs 20100 MAH of power into a tiny package – enough to charge an iPhone almost seven times, the Galaxy S6 5 times, or an Ipad twice. PowerIQ and VoltageBoost make rapid charging a breeze.

You can carry it anywhere with you because it is designed to be portable. Just toss it into your backpack and take it out whenever your phone is about to die.


Bringing a suit on an airplane can be a hassle, but necessary for serious business trips. This is a problem for all businessmen. Who would want to attend a business meeting with a wrinkled suit? Unfortunately, there aren’t many solutions for this problem, but you can get a better outcome with this
Hook and Albert Ballistic Garment Weekender customized bag.

Hook and Albert solve this problem of wrinkled suits when you travel without all of your kits. It is a folded bag. It solves the problem of carrying suits while commuting by putting a fold-up garment inside the bag. Just unfold the bag, slide in the suit, and zip it back up.

Your suit will be as smooth and unwrinkled at your destination as it was when you left—no need to iron it after you have reached your destination. Take the suit, put it on, and run to your meeting immediately. There is no need to worry about a thing.

6. Staresso – Portable Espresso Anywhere

Want to have portable espresso kits while you travel? Then you will love this small gadget. The Staresso lets you pump out a perfectly pulled shot of espresso anywhere you can get some hot water. It will put an end to your strive for coffee. Coffee always makes things better. It will boost your mental and, sure enough, make your travel enjoyable.

The Staresso is compact and easy enough to take on a trip. Just fill it with ground coffee beans, and toss it into your backpack. Then, whenever you need the feel of drinking a cup of coffee, pour some hot water, take out the Staresso, and use all the beans.

It will give you the feeling of professionally made coffee anywhere. We highly recommend it for business people since they are always on a busy schedule and need caffeine to get them throughout the day.


A good bag/ luggage carrier is a must for travel. A lousy carrier can damage your luggage. So here is the Amazon Basic Hardshell Spinner luggage carrier. It has a solid build quality that you surely will enjoy.

You could spend a fortune on a hi-tech carry-on suitcase made of polycarbonate or carbon fiber, or you could just go with this lightweight hardshell, roll-away suitcase from AmazonBasics.

The Amazon Basic Hardshell Spinner is 24″ tall, made of thick, shiny ABS plastic, lined with 150D polyester on the interior, and expands up to 15% for a little more storage and flexibility. The perfect size for carry-on and at a steal of a price.

Speaking of price, you won’t get any better deal at this price point for a luggage carrier. Although the Amazon Basic Hardshell Spinner’s look gives it away as a cheap carrier, it has no less durability than the premium ones. This is what makes the Amazon Basic Hardshell Spinner worthwhile. And since you will be taking it for frequent flying, scratches on this bag won’t bother you at all(since it is cheap).


So these were the seven travel ideas for frequent flyers among the best deals. They may seem excessive, but we think they are worthwhile in the flyer circle products. For example, the Bose QuietComfort headphones can be your perfect company for long-distance travel, and daily commuting. The Yeti Sidekick pouch can be the ideal side-bag for all your valuable electronic devices.

The Egee Touch Travel lock and tracker can help you keep your bags secured, and prevent you from losing them at the airport, or during travel. All of them are very useful for frequent flyers and travelers. So, give them a try if you can.