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The 57Hours App Finds the Mountaineering Guide You Need

57Hours App

If you aren’t a backcountry pro, it’s a good idea to hire a professional mountaineering guide to keep you safe on some of your trips to places outside of your comfort zone or expertise level. The right guide can show you the ropes, teach you the skills you need, and make your experience go that much smoother. This goes for rock climbing and backcountry skiing, too, and for the first time ever – you can book a guide from your phone thanks to the 57Hours app.

There are plenty of outdoor-oriented apps out already, but 57Hours is the first of it’s kind – one that allows you to easily and quickly book a guided outdoor excursion with some of the best and most-knowledgeable guides out there. Whether it’s rock climbing in the Gunks of Upstate New York or in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, or advanced Ski Mountaineering in the Wasatch Range, 57Hours can hook you up with a guide to take you under their wing.

The app gives you an easy interface to take of all the important details, such as accessing your guide’s calendar to book the right dates, finding the right gear and even tipping your guide – all in one place. It’s there to make things as easy as possible, and to ensure you spend more time outdoors and less time preparing and fretting over the details. All guides are certified and trustworthy, and 57Hours doesn’t even a fee for take connecting you and your guide; they’re just there to help.

And since you’re asking, what does the name mean? 57 hours is the amount of time between 3:00 PM Friday and Midnight on Sunday evening – the amount of time that weekend warriors have to tackle the backcountry and set their sights higher each week.

57Hours is free, and you can download it from the App Store.

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