Stylish dressing greatly varies depending on your personality and preferences. Still, there are timeless ways to improve your men’s fashion appearance regardless of what you choose to wear. Here, we look at five style tips every man should know.

RL: Pixabay
Find a proper fit

The number one rule to dressing better is to invest in properly fitting clothing. It does not matter how much you spend on any wardrobe essential; it will never look good on you if it does not fit. As a result, your number one objective when shopping for  menswear in Greenville, SC, should be to get professionally measured for the benefit of custom clothing that fits your physique.

Good shoes complement good clothes

You are never ready to step out until you have the right shoes on. Remember that your choice of footwear compliments your outfit, and making the wrong pick spoils everything. This does not have to mean investing in countless pairs of shoes to match every outfit. Instead, it demands attention to detail when picking your shoes.

Similar to how you pick clothes, always make sure you pick the right fit of shoes and try to settle for dignified shoes that you can wear with several outfits. The secret is to go for easy-to-match colors such as black, brown, and beige for most of your official and casual wear.

Accessorize wisely

Accessories have a way of giving an outfit a unique touch, making them a great way to give your style individuality. However, you must never give in to the desire to go overboard with your accessories if you want to keep your dressing simple and tasteful. For example, if you already have opted for that captivating pocket square, you could rethink that tie clip or lapel pin.

The underlying rule is that you only need a single point of interest to maintain an air of nonchalance. Consequently, if you are ever in doubt, just remove that extra item and do not forget to carry an equally simple wallet.

Have the perfect underwear and vests

You are never going to be confident and happy with your dressing style until you get it right with the essentials. The benefits of perfect-fitting underwear and vests can never be emphasized enough as they make you comfortable with your own skin. Avoid tight or ill-fitting inner clothing and instead, make the practical choice of breathable cotton wear that is easy to wash and maintain.

Play to your strengths

You know yourself better than you would like to admit and when it comes to defining your style, let that inner man out. Aim to own what you wear by making a suitable personal decision to make your dressing style look good without compromising your comfort. Forget about chasing fashion trends and get a dress code that suits your physique while adapting to different settings.


No one can ever dictate the depth and details of your style, but it should be about self-expression while looking classy. Tailor what works for you by following these basic style tips that cut across the board.