Only a handful of alcoholic drinks can compete with the seductive flavor of good-old classic whiskey. After all, this prestigious spirit has been around for centuries, in one form or the other.

Speaking of variations, we all know that whiskey these days comes in many versions. The selection of bottles on the shelf can overwhelm, but we’ve got you covered.

We selected the best whiskeys to drink in 2021, considering their reputation, availability, and price. While some people buy whiskey to collect or as an investment, these five brands offer the best price to value ratio for consumption, and that’s why they belong to the cream of the crop.

1. Glenfiddich

Established by William Grant in the Valley of Deers, Glenfiddich is an iconic Scottish distillery. Of course, the famous logo of the company depicts a deer with antlers. Since 1887, Glenfiddich has been a prominent member of the whiskey industry. Over a century of experience is not something you could take for granted, and that’s why Glenfiddich always has a spot in whiskey reviews.

This distillery offers a range of products, but we recommend Glenfiddich The Original. You can’t go wrong with this single malt scotch, and millions of satisfied customers can attest to the quality of this liquor. Glenfiddich offers five ranges in total, including the likes of Core, Rare, and this one, Special Editions. Nonetheless, the Original stands apart, mostly because this whiskey replicates the one released in 1963.

It has a well-balanced flavor, with a floral and biscuity aroma. Unlike many other whiskeys, this one matures in sherry casks. When drinking Glenfiddich The Original, you’ll notice subtle vanilla and oak notes, alongside toasted biscuits and spices. As expected, fresh pear tones are also noticeable, which is one of the brand’s hallmarks.

All in all, Glenfiddich The Original is a delicious whiskey with an impeccable reputation and reasonable price. The classic green bottle looks elegant and sophisticated, and the box is even better. Therefore, a bottle of The Original could be a perfect gift for your friends or family.

2. Chivas Regal

The next entry on our list is a bit more pricey than the rest, but it’s worth every penny. This whiskey is perfect for special occasions, but you could also use it to relax after a hard day at work. Yes, we are talking about Chivas Regal, the liquid gold.

Since 1801, this esteemed spirit has been a statement of prestige and luxury. Only the wealthy could afford it, but the situation changed over the years. Nowadays, Chivas Regal offers three products: 12, 18, and the 25-year blend. Of course, the price grows as you move up the ranks, so we presented you with the most affordable option.

Chivas Regal 12 is an award-winning blended whiskey that will send your senses into overdrive. No matter if you drink it on the rocks or as part of a Rob Roy cocktail, this whiskey will amaze you with its robust character and distinct flavor. The combination of malt and grain Scotch older than 12 years provides a matured feel, with a lingering finish and warm amber color.

You’ll notice that Chivas Regal 12 has a rich and fruity taste, and it comes with 40% alcohol, like all whiskeys on this list. Also, you could detect subtle notes of wild herbs, honey, and ripe apples. Hazelnut and butterscotch are in the mix as well. So, Chivas Regal 12 is the perfect drink for those who appreciate the exciting art of blending. At the same time, it will not cost you a fortune.

3. Jack Daniel’s

Now we go back to a classic American drink, and one of the most popular whiskeys on the planet. Straight from Lynchburg, Tennessee comes the smooth nectar with its recognizable square-shaped bottle. Loved by Frank Sinatra and many other celebrities, Jack Daniel’s whiskey has been around for over 150 years. Moreover, they had the first registered distillery within the USA.

So, tradition and heritage combined with spring water and modern technologies, what could be better? Jack Daniel’s distillery offers a broad portfolio, but Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7 leads the cavalry. Mellowed drop by drop through sugar maple charcoal and matured in handcrafted barrels, this whiskey offers an excellent flavor.

The balance of sweet and oaky gives Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7 its distinctive aroma, which goes perfect with Coke and many other drinks. In other words, it’s a great mixer, and that’s why you should always have a bottle of Jack on the shelf.

Reasonably priced and available in every store, Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7 is a safe bet that will never let you down. For that reason, it deserves a spot on our list of the best whiskeys for 2021.

4. Johnnie Walker

The next entry is another blend, which means that Johnnie Walker is not a distillery. Nevertheless, they sure know how to make a top-quality drink. After all, Johnny Walker is the biggest-selling whiskey on the planet, with over 18 million bottles sold yearly. What started as a grocery store in the early 1800s grew into a global enterprise.

So, even though the Red Lebel is the cheapest option, we chose Johnny Walker Black Label as the best whiskey to drink in 2021. The difference in price between these two series is insignificant, but the quality is miles apart. Therefore, get ready to walk with Johnny and its famous angled label.

As a premium-quality blend, Johnny Walker Black Label offers a bold and magnetic flavor. Over 40 whiskeys go into the combination, and all of them are older than 12 years. So, Johnny Walker Black Label is a masterpiece that tastes both creamy and spicy, with a smoky finish.

Also, you’ll notice subtle notes of sweet vanilla and fruits. Sherry is also noticeable, which makes this whiskey a perfect nightcap. Of course, Johnny Walker Black Label comes with an elegant packaging that makes it an ideal gift for special occasions and dinner parties.

5. Jim Beam

In the end, we wanted to offer something a bit different. Unlike scotch and blended whiskeys, the last entry on our list is bourbon. Specifically, a Kentucky Straight Bourbon from a family-owned company that uses the recipe created in 1795! Jim Beam Kentucky Straight Bourbon is a sweet nectar that could be the perfect option to drink in 2021 and beyond.

As you probably know, bourbon is also whiskey, and that’s why Jim Beam lands a spot on our list of the best whiskeys. Jim Beam is the world’s best bourbon, hands down. Plus, it’s selling like lemonade on a hot day.

The secret of its popularity lies in the refined and mature taste, with a smooth finish and beautiful color. Every batch of this bourbon must age at least four years in newly charred barrels made of American white oak. As expected, this leaves Jim Beam with a caramelized aroma, with tones of oaky vanilla. Also, you’ll notice a spicy backdrop when drinking this smooth alcohol.

Jim Beam Kentucky Straight Bourbon enjoys massive popularity across the globe, so jump on the bandwagon. Use it as a mixer or a nightcap, but please drink responsibly and stay away from the steering wheel after having a few shots.