Unlike the oversized mountaineering backpacks, urban-friendly rucksacks don’t come with dozens of hooks and carabiner loops. Instead, they focus on day-to-day functionality while trying to blend into the urban environment.

In other words, the best urban backpacks are elegant, feature-rich but also durable and sturdy. That’s why we scoured the market to find the top-ranked models. And, it turns out that these five rucksacks stand way above the rest.

So, without further ado, let’s see why these casual-looking backpacks should become a part of your carry setup and street style.


Admittedly, we could have started the list with something easier to pronounce, but Fjällräven is worth the effort. In essence, the name comes from Swedish and translates as the arctic fox. Established in 1960, Fjällräven is a famous brand focused on making the best outdoor equipment, primarily backpacks and upscale clothing. So, that’s why Fjällräven Verdag 25 Backpack deserves a spot among the elite.

After all, this comfortable daypack features durable G-1000 fabric, a heavy-duty ECO S blend of organic cotton with recycled polyester. As such, Verdag 25 is both sturdy and lightweight, ideal for everyday outings. Speaking of eco-friendliness, we should also mention the organic, fluorocarbon-free impregnation, which also helps preserve the environment.

To be precise, Fjällräven Verdag 25 is the successor to a classic Fjällräven backpack from the 1970s. Since it follows the same philosophy, Verdag 25 also comes with a timeless design, suitable for work or play. For instance, it comes equipped with a seat pad and a laptop sleeve to accommodate a 15-inch device.

Also, this high-quality daypack features padded shoulder straps and functional zippers. Likewise, we should also mention the front-facing outside pocket, which expands storage space and offers a convenient stash for your essentials. All in all, Fjällräven Verdag 25 Backpack is a safe bet for anyone looking to combine sustainability, robustness, and sleek exterior.


It’s time to move on to the second entry on our list of the best urban backpack, so we’ll head to Bozeman, Montana, and visit the famous Mystery Ranch. Founded in 2000, this all-American brand specializes in making high-end bags for outdoor adventures. That’s why Mystery Ranch Urban Assault Daypack attracted our attention, and we had to take it for a test.

Over the years, Mystery Ranch grew into a global corporation, but they still use traditional bag-making methods. However, the Urban Assault daypack is a bit different, and this versatile model can go with you to the office, the highest peaks, and the driest deserts.

Inspired by military rucksacks, Urban Assault features a clean, minimalist design. Yet, this feature-rich bag also comes with various compartments to offer plenty of storage space. More precisely, Mystery Ranch Urban Assault Daypack features a 3-zip design, with a mesh-lined pocket in the lid. Likewise, this backpack features laptop and tablet sleeves that will hug your devices closely and provide maximum protection at all times. If that’s not enough, you’ll also get two internal zippered pockets to organize the essentials.

Best of all, Mystery Ranch opted for the extra-durable 500D Cordura fabric in a combo with the famous YKK zippers. As a result, the award-winning Urban Assault Daypack can survive years of wear and tear on the busiest commute. Also, we should mention that you can choose from various colors when ordering your Urban Assault, including the exciting Dpm Camo option.


For the third candidate for the top, we visited chilly Vancouver to check what Lululemon offers regarding street fashion and urban-friendly rucksacks. After all, this Canadian brand has been around for more than two decades, designing top-quality athletic apparel and outdoor gear. Some might say that Lululemon is the weirdest clothing brand in North America, but that’s also what makes it stand out.

For example, Lululemon Urban Nomad Backpack is among the best rucksacks on the market because it combines eye-catching aesthetics and high-quality materials. Namely, this elegant bag features 100% water-repellent nylon. Thus, your books or gym gear will stay dry regardless of the weather.

Also, Lululemon equipped this backpack with plenty of compartments. For instance, the quick-access zippered pocket in the hood improves the functionality and provides maximum ease of access. In a way, the same applies to the spacious side pockets, ideal options for storing your water bottles, headphones, or other smaller items.

Of course, Lululemon Urban Nomad Backpack offers lots of other features. Primarily, it comes with a padded pocket for a 16-inch laptop. On top of that, a sturdy back with a curved frame will provide extra support for your lumbar area and reduce back pain. Therefore, Lululemon Urban Nomad Backpack is among the best backpacks for work and day-to-day activities.


Even though the next company on our list is famous for making high-end leather wallets, they also know a thing or two about quality backpacks. Established in 2009, Bellroy is a relatively young Australian brand with a diverse offering. Since Bellroy’s wallets and accessories come highly recommended, the same goes for the cool-looking Bellroy Classic Backpack.

As the name suggests, the Classic backpack follows time-tested design principles and methods. At the same time, Bellroy updated most elements of this compact rucksack, making it perfect for urban adventurers.

To be precise, Bellroy Classic Backpack features sustainably sourced leather with a water-resisting top pocket. As a result, the bag offers 20L capacity but weighs only 750 grams. In addition, of course, it provides excellent lumbar support.

Also, Bellroy Classic Backpack comes equipped with a laptop sleeve for a 16-inch device. Likewise, you’ll get a document pocket for an iPad or tablet, together with a convenient pen slip. Best of all, Bellroy’s rucksack has the most comfortable shoulder straps with an advanced padding system and a quick-grab handle. Thus, the Classic backpack could quickly become your everyday companion to follow you on city adventures.

5. GORUCK GR1 Rucksack

Last but not least, we present the rugged GORUCK GR1, the toughest backpack on the list. Unlike the previous models, which primarily focus on street style and swagger, GORUCK is all about durability and performance. If you are not familiar with the name, we should explain that this brand comes from Florida. Owned by a Special Forces veteran, GORUCK specializes in rucking gear. At the same time, they also offer a broad palette of heavy-duty clothes and accessories.

For GORUCK GR1 Rucksack, the company went for a no-nonsense approach, a typical GORUCK attitude. As a result, this backpack can also survive mountains and jungles, facing the most demanding challenges and taking a beating. But, of course, you can also tame its wild nature, using GR1 as an everyday pouch for work, gym, or studying.

For instance, GORUCK GR1 Rucksack opens completely flat, offering effortless access to your belongings. On top of that, it comes with a reinforced laptop compartment for extra protection. Moreover, GORUCK boasts a bombproof laptop compartment, but let’s hope you’ll never need to test this feature.

Also, the enhanced shoulder straps can hold more weight, but they provide more comfort as well. As expected, GORUCK GR1 also features multiple pockets and an external slant pocket for quick access.