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5 Best Streaming Cameras for 2021: For Top-Notch Home Broadcasts

With the outbreak of COVID-19, streaming cameras (webcams) skyrocketed in popularity because remote work often required Zoom meetings. Likewise, the demand for video content increased, and YouTubers and streamers have been busier than ever.

Nowadays, streaming cameras are also in high demand, and we all want to broadcast the best video quality possible. Therefore, let’s dive deeper into the world of webcams and check the best streaming cameras in 2021.

1. Razer Kiyo

The first company on our list of the best webcams needs no introduction. After all, Razer is the best-selling gaming peripherals manufacturer in the United States. Of course, this multinational enterprise has been creating various types of gaming hardware and consumer electronics since 1998. So, the Razer Kiyo streaming webcam is a member of a powerful arsenal.

From what we’ve seen, Razer Kiyo deserves a spot among the best Razer products. This webcam offers excellent image quality, especially in low light conditions. Namely, the camera comes equipped with a built-in ring light for dark environments. As a result, Razer Kiyo captures clear video, even if you chat or teleconference on Zoom or Skype without turning on all lights in your room.

With the 1080p resolution at 30 frames per second, this streaming camera meets industry standards. On top of that, it comes with a decent field of view. To be precise, the lens comes equipped with autofocus and an 81.6-degree field of view. So, this black disc, the size of a hockey puck, can pack a punch with video quality, but it also helps during streaming and improves the imagery.

Even though the ring light makes the difference, separating Razer Kiyo from the competition, the device’s design is also top-notch. The glossy surface combines well with the translucent white disc, and you’ll also find a grippy rubber surface at the bottom.

2. Logitech StreamCam

The next entry on our list also belongs to the high-end class, and it also comes from a renowned manufacturer. Like Razer, Logitech offers a vast selection of gaming peripherals available in more than 100 countries. Initially a Swiss company, Logitech always strives towards excellence, whether making keyboards, mice, speakers, or webcams. Therefore, you can expect only the best from Logitech StreamCam.

First, we should mention that this webcam records in full HD 1080p with 60 frames per second. Thus, it will deliver stunning quality and smooth motion, ideal for streaming to Twitch or recording YouTube videos. But, of course, professional-quality video is always a combination of excellent hardware and advanced software.

For that reason, Logitech StreamCam also comes equipped with auto-framing and an intelligent exposure system. The technology adjusts the ISO speed and aperture in real-time, providing a natural, healthy look in any lighting conditions. Plus, you’ll get enhanced control with the premium Logitech Capture software.

We should also mention the impressive aesthetics of Logitech StreamCam, primarily the fabric cover on the front. All in all, the boxy camera is compact and easy to mount with U-shaped brackets to hold it in place on almost all laptop screens or monitors. On top of that, Logitech StreamCam comes with a tabletop tripod, which should be a handy addition to any YouTubers setup. Likewise, this webcam offers a vertical or horizontal orientation with seamless recording rotation.

3. Microsoft LifeCam

Unlike the previous streaming cams on our list, the third entry sits on the lower end of the price spectrum. In other words, Microsoft LifeCam is a budget-friendly webcam, and we added it to the list of the best streaming cameras for 2021 because of its price-to-value ratio. Only a few webcams on the market can compete with the affordable LifeCam regarding the balance of cost and performance.

Namely, Microsoft LifeCam is the best under-$30 webcam because it delivers 720p HD video with a 16:9 widescreen ratio for cinematic recording. But, unlike the premium models, this streaming camera offers an image rate of 30 frames per second. Nevertheless, the video quality is excellent, thanks to a selection of image-enhancing technologies.

For instance, Microsoft LifeCam comes with a fixed focus from 0.3mm to 1.5m, 4x digital zoom, and the advanced True Color automatic image adjustment. Likewise, the camera supports 24-bit color depth, and you’ll get top-quality video even in low light conditions.

Another high-value feature of this streaming camera is excellent audio. Thanks to the omnidirectional microphone and the integrated Audio Features system, users can record voice or music with no hassle. In other words, this webcam will get the job done any time you want to create a YouTube video or give a presentation via a conferencing app. As expected, Microsoft LifeCam also supports vertical orientation thanks to the digital tilt option.

4. MEVO Start

As the youngest brand on our list, MEVO might not be a familiar name to everyone’s ears. The company stepped onto the scene in 2016 as a part of the Vimeo/Livestream group, but in 2019 it started riding solo. In any case, MEVO Start deserves a spot on the list of the best streaming cameras because it comes from a manufacturer that specializes in hardware and software for video conferencing and live streaming.

As expected, high-quality components result in high-quality video. That’s why the owners of MEVO Start often start streaming professionally or create high-end content for YouTube. Essentially, buying a MEVO Start could kick-start your career in the virtual world. So, even if MEVO Start is on the pricier side, you should think of it as an investment and not as an expense.

From what we’ve seen, MEVO Start is up there with the best. It offers a range of premium features, including the stunning 1080p HD resolution. Speaking of specifications, we should also mention the low distortion lens with a 76-degree field of view. Also, the advanced SONY sensor offers 2.07-megapixel image-taking with optimized low-light sensitivity. However, the frame rate with 1080p encoding remains at 30 frames per second.

Streaming and recording with MEVO Start will be an enjoyable process regardless of your experience. MEVO offers top-quality support via an app, and you can stream to many platforms with ease. If that’s not enough, we should also mention advanced features such as auto exposure and various streaming effects.

5. Logitech BRIO Ultra

In the end, we’ll conclude the selection of the best streaming cameras for 2021 with another model from Logitech. After all, Logitech BRIO Ultra is still a synonym for high-quality streaming and video recording. This best-selling camera has ruled the market for so long, and it’s impossible to ignore its features and possibilities.

For instance, this premium webcam records 4K video in HDR (high dynamic range), together with an HD 5x zoom. Plus, you can choose from three field-of-view options. Moreover, this webcam offers the broadest range of all cameras on our list, making it perfect for work or play. With that said, we should also mention that Logitech BRIO Ultra comes certified for business applications, interacting seamlessly with Skype, Windows Hello, Zoom, and others.

Logitech BRIO Ultra is the best professional streaming camera you’ll find because most webcams don’t support 4K quality. On top of that, it comes equipped with two omnidirectional microphones and a RightLight3 image correction system.

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