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5 Best Snowboards of 2021: Ready for the Powder or Rails

No matter if you prefer riding the rails or floating through powder, the choice of snowboards can make all the difference. In other words, it’s of the utmost importance to choose the best snowboard for your style and skill level.

But this can be easier said than done with all the options to take into consideration. The modern snowboards come in different lengths, with different shapes, and also with various camber and rocker styles. On top of that, you should find the appropriate flex, sidecut radius, and many other features that could cause a headache if you are not careful.

For that reason, we assembled a list with the five best snowboards of 2020. Save yourself the time and go through our selection to find the ultimate snowboard, no matter if you are a beginner or a seasoned rider.

1. K2 Alchemist

We start the list with one of the leaders of the snowboarding world, the famous K2. To be precise, we are taking a look at the K2 Alchemist, their flagship model. This board belongs to the cream of the crop of the modern snowboarding industry, and it will allow you to ride the big lines and perform advanced tricks.

So, what makes it so attractive? Well, K2 Alchemist is an aggressive directional board that works well for freeride or powder. It comes with a sustainable Bambooyah Pro Core, i.e. a carbon base inside of a fiberglass shell. The so-called Space Glass construction provides this board with a light nose and excellent torsional stiffness.

Yes, you’ve heard it right, the Alchemist has a stiff flex, which offers top performances on any terrain. Also, this snowboard comes with a fully cambered profile. On top of that, the Carbon Power Fork in the tail helps with carving.

In essence, there’s not much to complain regarding the qualities of K2 Alchemist. The only thing that we could mention is that the Alchemist requires a bit of experience on the slopes. For that reason, we recommend this aggressive directional board for riders who want to take it up a notch and raise their snowboarding game.

2. Arbor Foundation

Since the previous model is more suitable for advanced riders, we now go to the opposite side of the spectrum. In other words, the cool-looking Arbor Foundation is the best snowboard for beginners. This forgiving board is excellent for improving your turns and mastering the basics, and it will help you build confidence. So, let’s take a look at the notable qualities of Arbor Foundation.

It all starts with the parabolic Rocker system, which ensures seamless rides on all types of terrain. With a reverse shape design of the camber, the Foundation is offering an exciting perspective on this aspect. At the same time, the extruded base provides extra contact points. Thus, this snowboard will have a natural float and top-notch stability.

Moving on from there, we should mention the FSC-certified Highland Core. The lightweight material is a blend of poplar and Paulownia. Together with recycled steel edges, the core reduces the carbon footprint and makes Arbor Foundation an Eco-friendly snowboard.

If that’s not enough, we should also say that the Arbor Foundation comes equipped with the Grip Tech system. This technology improves the handling and ease of use. Arbor Foundation is the perfect choice for novice riders who need an excellent board for all-mountain riding. This board is dynamic and agile, and it features premium materials and advanced technologies.

3. Salomon Dancehaul

The next entry on our list of the best snowboards comes from a renowned French manufacturer. After all, Salomon has been in business since 1947, and this brand offers a vast selection of products. Well, Salomon Dancehaul is a high-end model that ranks high on all snowboard reviews.

First, we should note that this board comes with a Camber profile, which means that it’s flat between the feet. As such, the Dancehaul will let you manipulate with ease, especially when carving. If you go into the trees, Salomon Dancehaul will also get the job done, thanks to its tapered directional shape.

Also, this snowboard features a radial sidecut and a longer nose than the one you’ll see on most modern boards. However, the Dancehaul is shorter than the average board. These qualities make it one of the most agile models on the market, with a snappy tail and plenty of pop.

In a way, Salomon Dancehaul is an all-rounder that will perform well in a park or powder. It will take you in and out of turns with ease, and its medium flex is a universal solution. Therefore, we recommend this model to almost any rider out there. One thing is sure – the Dancehaul will not let you down.

4. Burton Instigator

Now we go back to beginners because we believe they need the most help with finding the best snowboard. For that reason, we included the classic-shaped Burton Instigator on our list. Of course, a seasoned pro will also find good use of this board, but the Instigator is ideal for ambitious snowboarders.

Many refer to Burton Instigator as a confidence booster because this snowboard offers top-notch stability and ultimate control. Thanks to its convex base, this board can serve as an all-mountain all-rounder. The Instigator comes with a Twin flex technology, which is jib-friendly and gives a forgiving feel.

The Super Fly 800G Core comes in combination with Biax fiberglass. This bio-based material reduces oil consumption, protecting the environment along the way. Burton Instigator also features the advanced Channel mounting system for complete adjustability. Best of all, this technology will let you find the perfect stance within seconds.

We already said that this board comes with a classic shape, but it does have a slightly longer nose than the tail. As such, the Instigator will allow you to keep it tight in turns, but it will also float over powder. In other words, you will not go wrong with this high-quality model.

5. Jones Mountain Twin

You could say that we saved the best for last, and Jones Mountain Twin snowboard is in a league of its own regarding quality. Only a few models on the market can compete with the price to value ratio of the Mountain Twin. So, even though this is a premium board, it will not cost you a fortune, which is a crucial aspect for many riders out there.

For 2021, Jones Mountain Twin comes with a redesigned shape. Thanks to a blunted tip profile and Traction Tech edges, this board will be perfect for slashing, jumping, and doing all sorts of stunts. It also has a Cam/Rock profile with 3D Contour Base 2.0, which reduces drag and allows the board to glide effortlessly.

Jones Mountain Twin is another sustainably sourced board, and it comes with a Sintered 800 wood core base. Because of the equal stiffness on both ends, this snowboard offers an excellent torsional response. What this means is that Jones Mountain Twin reacts to commands within seconds, and it will take you through the trees hassle-free. Of course, you can ride it in the park as well, and the only the sky’s the limit with premium snowboards such as Jones Mountain Twin.

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