Outdoor adventures can be fun and exciting, even without having lots of fancy gear. But when you are adequately equipped, nothing can stop you.

For instance, a quality pair of hiking pants will help you handle the weather, but they will also offer protection, storage space, and comfort. That’s why it’s crucial to choose the ideal ones for your needs and preferences.

We tested multiple models and ended up with these five as the best hiking pants for 2021. These models cover a broad range of styles, but they also belong to various price categories. Since we have something for everyone, it’s best to get this show on the road.


To start the list in style, we go to a company famous for pushing the boundaries and creating top-drawer performance apparel. The North Face brand is now a global enterprise, covering various niches and always meeting the highest quality standards. Well, the same applies to The North Face Men’s Paramount Trail Convertible Pants.

As the name says, these pants offer flexibility and versatility because you can transform them into shorts with ease. So, during summer hikes, Paramount pants will help you avoid overheating, thanks to convenient zip-off bottoms.

Simultaneously, The North Face Men’s Paramount Trail Convertible Pants earns top marks for comfort and functionality. For example, they come with articulated knees and a drawstring closure. The relaxed fit will not restrict your movement, making these pants ideal for climbing or long-distance cycling. Plus, The North Face Men’s Paramount Trail Convertible Pants comes with a belt featuring an efficient clip system.

Best of all, these hiking pants are water-resistant. The patented FlashDry technology works in combination with a DWR coating, protecting you from rain showers. The North Face Men’s Paramount Trail Convertible Pants also features four pockets, spacious and ergonomically positioned.


The second entry on our list comes from an online store that has been around since 2008. As such, FREE SOLDIER Outdoor Cargo Hiking Pants belong to a new generation of athletic apparel. Available in three colors, these pants combine eye-catching aesthetics with top-quality performances.

Most importantly, this reasonably priced model could be the perfect option for anyone looking for the best winter hiking pants in 2021. The reason hides in 100% polar fleece lining, and this anti-static layer makes these pants perfect for skiing or snowboarding. Skin-friendly and soft, the fleece layer also earns top points for comfort.

On the outside, FREE SOLDIER Outdoor Cargo Hiking Pants features a mix of 94% polyester and 6% spandex. Therefore, the stretchy fabric will not restrict your movements, allowing complete freedom out on the trail. Plus, the soft-shell layer is moisture-wicking and windproof. It will help with locking the heat inside, but it will keep rain and snow outside.

FREE SOLDIER Outdoor Cargo Hiking Pants also provide plenty of storage space. To be precise, you’ll get five deep pockets with YKK zippers and drawstrings. Thus, you’ll be able to open them even with gloves on, a neat detail for skiers and snowboarders. Likewise, this model features a zipper fly with a sturdy metal closure. A partially adjustable waist helps with mobility, and these pants also come with a removable belt.


Now we get to one of the most expensive hiking pants on the market, the highly-rated KUHL Renegade Convertible Pants. But despite the price, this model is a favorite option for pros and beginners alike. They all appreciate the benefits provided by the exquisite stitching and durable materials.

Speaking of those elements, we should say that KUHL Renegade Convertible Pants features the so-called Duralux fabric. In short, this combination of 95% nylon and 5% spandex provides the pants with flexibility and resilience. The soft-shell fabric feels like cotton, and yet it has quick-drying properties. Yes, KUHL Renegade Convertible Pants comes with a DWR coating, wicking the moisture away if the rain surprises you out in the open.

As the name says, these pants feature zip-off legs for outdoor activities in the warm weather. The patented stealth zipper will let you transform the pants into 10-inch shorts with no hassle. A fabric flap disguises the zipper, making the shorts suitable for the urban lifestyle as well.

Spacious mesh pockets offer ample storage space, but they also help with ventilation. The gusseted crotch increases mobility, while the metal snap button ensures secure closing of the fly.

KUHL Renegade Convertible Pants are breathable and lightweight, and they provide UPF 50 protection against harmful sun rays. So, it’s clear that these hiking pants might not be an ideal choice for winter adventures. The Renegade will show its true colors when the warmer days arrive and when you set off on an extended backpacking trip.

4. Columbia Men’s Smith Creek Convertible hiking Pants

If the previous model surprised you with the price tag, we now switch to entry-level hiking pants. Nonetheless, Columbia Men’s Smith Creek Convertible Pants can stand up to any model on the market regarding quality and comfort.

The only drawbacks of these pants are the lack of versatility and limited mobility. Namely, Columbia Men’s Smith Creek Convertible Pants features a 100% nylon soft-shell fabric. This material is ultra-lightweight, but it is also thin. Meaning, these pants should not go with you on a winter expedition. Likewise, they wouldn’t be the best option for skiing and snowboarding trips.

Also, this model features no spandex, reducing stretchiness and limiting mobility. Even so, Columbia Men’s Smith Creek Convertible Pants will do their task perfectly on mild hikes and long-distance walks. Aside from their stylish appearance, these pants provide superior comfort and breathability.

The quick-drying fabric is machine-washable and covered with a DWR coating. Partially elastic at the waist, the Smith Creek pants can transform into 10-inch shorts within seconds. Also, mesh pockets featuring hook-and-loop closers are spacious and easy to reach. Last but not least, we should mention that Columbia Men’s Smith Creek Convertible Pants come with proprietary OmniShade sun protection (UPF 50).


Since we mentioned winter sports a few times already, we decided to present you with another option for those occasions. According to many, BenBoy Men’s Snow Cargo Hiking Pants tick all boxes for being among the best skiing and hiking pants on the market.

Of course, the crucial elements of any winter pants are heat-retention properties. So, you’ll be glad to hear that BenBoy Men’s Snow Cargo Hiking Pants come with a warm fleece lining. Anti-static, this layer is windproof and super-comfy. As expected, the soft-shell layer is waterproof and wrinkle-free. The fabric features a combination of 92% polyester and 8% spandex. Therefore, these pants are one of the stretchiest out there.

The stylish BenBoy Men’s Snow Cargo Hiking Pants can meet many users’ needs thanks to a mid-range price. Likewise, high-quality materials make these pants ready for anything. No matter if you go camping, hiking, climbing, or skiing – BenBoy pants will not let you down.

The adjustable waistband with a belt offers complete comfort, while the patchwork knees provide abrasion resistance and durability. Also, these pants come with four zippered pockets.