Got a set of high-end kitchen knives that you just love? You ought to display them proudly. But magnetic knife bars  don’t work in most homes and apartments. Regular wooden knife blocks? A solid solution, but…come on. You want to show off those high-end, high-carbon German steel blades, not hide them. Instead, get the 360 Knife Block; it combines the best of both worlds.

360-knife-block-bamboo Available in Bamboo, Walnut and Maple finishes, this wooden knife block is steps ahead of your typical, knives-included model. It uses a 10-lb custom milled solid stainless-steel base with cork padding to add stability and keep it upright when the weight of the knives is added. This base allows is to rotate for easy knife selection. The knives are held firmly in place by 30 “strategically embedded” neodymium rare earth magnets – and since they’re on the outside, those shiny stainless blades are displayed with every turn.

Each and every 360 Knife Block is Handmade in America by Design Trifecta. The multi-plywood is “robot cut” by CNC before the team hand assembles the block. The result is an expensive knife block, but a gorgeous one that should hold your chef’s knives and steak knives alike safely.